10 Best Performance Management Tools in 2022

Published On: January 3, 2022|Categories: Performance Management|

10 Best Performance Management Tools in 2022

Published On: January 3, 2022|
performance management software-Datalligence

While everyone wants to know what is the best Performance management software in 2022, it is important to understand the journey of performance management in the industry. People gave away “Bell curve” and yearly reviews and replaced them with continuous performance management. There was a new shape to the entire process after the Pandemic hit. The traditional methods were no more making sense and the workforce shifting to a remote or a Hybrid model gave another dimension to it.

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is to measure an employee’s performance in the given year. Evaluating the commitments be made against the deliverables. The best performer of the year is rewarded by means of compensation, promotion, Incentive, etc.
What should be included in your performance management?
Effective Performance management should consist of the following

1. Periodical Reviews

Reviews start between the manager and subordinate. Employee rates himself and managers review the rating and approve the final rating. The Reviews can be 180 or 360 based on the organization’s practice

2. Career Planning and Development

Career planning and Development has two perspective

  1. Organization
  2. Individual

This should meet both the organizational and the individual objectives
Helps the employees to understand their options of growth within the organization and their skill or competence gap to the role that they aspire.
This builds the career ladder of the employee inside the organization.
While the organization gets to understand the critical roles for the business and creates the talent pool that is critical

3. Feedback

Since there was a paradigm shift in the way the business was run and the workforce behavior, it is important to provide feedback on an ongoing basis. Feedback can be upward, downward, and peer-peer.

4. Recognition

Employee recognition plays a vital role in employee engagement.
An engaged employee is more productive and enthusiastic at work As engagement is also directly linked with an employee well it is a business-critical parameter to measure.

There are multiple solutions available in the market to automate the performance management process here are the top 8 software that will help you to execute seamlessly

What are the top Performance Management tools of 2022?

1: Datalligence:

Best OKR software-Datalligence

Datalligence provides an end-to-end performance management suite. It manages goals and OKRs inside the platform and facilitates both 180 and 360 assessments. Measure Skill and competence and tag the training needs. Facilitate real-time conversations, Feedback, and recognitions to increase employee engagement

Key Features of Performance Management Tool:

  • Goal module
  • Conversation, feedback and recognition(CFR) Module
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Insights
  • Survey and assessment
  • Task Management
  • Performance Rating and reviews
  • Learning management system

OKR based Performance:

Datalligence OKR based performance review allows organizations to track people’s performance seamlessly. Allows employees to check-in their performance periodically and keep the conversations around the performance to eliminate bias and the halo effect.

Performance Review

Allows users and managers to see the overall progress while evaluating the annual performance. Without being biased the decisions are made with the data available. Managers can recommend promotion and identify the training needs while doing the annual performance review

180 & 360 appraisals:

Datalligence supports creating appraisals that are both 180 and 360. Rating parameters are defined by the organizations to stick to their existing process

Skill & Competence assessments:

assessments that allow you to measure the skill and competence of the employee which is another core component of the performance.

Feedback Management:

Feedback can be both upward and downward which allows employees to share their feedback continuously

Create 360 Degree review to eliminate bias. Deliver with flexibility. Translate goals to results and measure actions. Increase Transparency and create accountability.

Datalligence Pricing :

The Performance Management Software has Three pricing plans.

Free for Lifetime:

  • Up to 5 users
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
  • KR Checkin and approvals
  • And More



Everything in Free

  • Annual Goals
  • Create Task
  • Assign Tasks
  • Custom Reports
  • And More



Everything in Initiator

  • Assessment (Pulse/180/360)
  • Performance Management
  • Insights and Dashboards
  • Survey (Pulse/180/360)
  • Learning Management System
  • And More

2: Keka

performance management tools

Keka is a holistic performance management software. PMS that really works for organizations that are agile and prefer continuous performance reviews Keka performance management software helps you to track and evaluate employee performance on a real-time basis


The performance monitoring tools has Three pricing plans.


For companies that are just getting started with automation


(up to 100 employees)


Scaling with advanced automation & employee engagement


(up to 100 employees)


Align employees in your growth journey and get their best


(up to 100 employees)

3: Zoho people

performance monitoring tools

Zoho People help in designing the performance that suits our business. This improves and measures employee performance. While we do the performance measurement we can also create a 360-degree, continuous feedback system, and evaluate employees’ performance.


The Employee Engagement Software has Four pricing plans.


₹48/user/month billed annually

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Database Management
  • HR Files management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Time Off Management
  • Multi-level Approvals
  • Module-based Reports
  • Workflow Management
  • ZIA – AI Bot
  • Office Readiness


₹96/user/month billed annually

  • Essential HR +
  • Attendance marking via the web, mobile, and facial recognition
  • People Kiosk
  • Biometric Integration
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Shift Rotation
  • IP & Geo-Restrictions
  • Overtime Calculation
  • And more


₹144/user/month billed annually

  • Professional +
  • Performance Appraisals
  • KRA and Goals Tracking
  • Skill Set Matrix
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Self-Appraisals
  • Multi-Rater Review
  • Advanced HR Analytics


₹192/user/month billed annually

  • Premium +
  • Cases (Employee Query Management)
  • Cases SLA Tracking
  • Self and Blended Learning
  • Course ManagementCreate & manage courses for specific departments, locations etc.
  • Course Feedback
  • Discussion Forum
  • Assessments

4: Engagedly

performance management software

Engagedly Continuous Performance Management helps in both performance and competency assessment. You can set and Track OKRs or your goal inside the software. Multi-rater feedback is enabled and captures real-time feedback


The Performance Management Software has One pricing plan.

*Starting annual agreement is $5,000

  • Execute Performance
  • Enable your Teams
  • Engage your People
  • Platform Add Ons
  • Support and Training

5: 15 five performance management software

15 five Helps you to Measure performance and a multifaceted approach to performance reviews. Measure OKRs in the platform with the blend of feedback and learning. Insights are built around measuring performance that is data-driven.


The Performance Management Tools has Four pricing plans.


$4/per user per month.

Employee engagement insights and outcomes

  • Core engagement survey
  • Topic-based assessments
  • Custom topic-based assessments
  • Filterable heatmap & analytics
  • Historical benchmarks
  • Action plan dashboard
  • And more


$8/per user per month.

Performance management that inspires growth

Everything in Engage, plus…

  • Performance reviews
  • 360º feedback
  • Competencies
  • Calibration
  • Talent Matrix
  • Career Paths & Plans
  • And more


$8/per user per month.

Easy OKR management to help execs drive business-critical goals

Only includes the features listed below…

  • Goal setting with OKRs
  • OKR chart view
  • Naming customization
  • Jira & Salesforce Integration
  • Data insights
  • And more…

Total Platform

$14/per user per month.

A full suite with engagement, performance, and OKRs all-in-one

Everything in Engage, Perform, and Focus, plus…

  • DPAs and security questionnaires

6: Lattice Performance Management

performance management software

Lattice Performance Management Measure real-time performance along with feedback and conversations. Ensure the feedback flow in all direction. modules are modular, you can customize them as per the organization’s requirement.


The Performance Management Tools has One pricing plan.

Performance Management

$8 person/month

  • 360°, manager, and peer performance reviews
  • Custom question templates
  • Performance reporting and analytics
  • Performance review comment sentiment analysis
  • In-product calibration
  • Dynamic org char

7: Reflektive

performance monitoring tools

Reflective provides rich and relevant employee data that has continuous performance management details to ensure the decision making is data-driven decision making


The Performance Management Tool has one pricing plan.

Starting From: $7500.00 /month (Flat Rate)

8: Empxtrack

performance monitoring tools

Empxtrack provides an end-to-end performance management system that aligns employees with business objectives. It has an easy-to-use interface and configurable software. Employee performance management software encourages the high performance of your teams and provides real-time feedback to employees


Performance Appraisal: 5 Appraisals every year absolutely

Free with 3 different workflows and configurable forms.
Buy additional reviews at $12.75 each.


performance management software

Workday is a SaaS platform for managing human capital. They focus mainly on small and medium businesses to support them in creating a great space for organizations to manage their human capital. Provides employee self-service for performance, benefits, and even recommended learning all from a single interface.


Time tracking,


The Performance Monitoring Tools has a pricing plan.

Request a Quote for pricing

Oracle Cloud HCM

performance management software

Oracle is a full human capital management suite. Oracle is used by enterprises as one platform for managing the workforce. Human Capital Management (HCM) allows organizations to migrate from the traditional approach to a modern way of digitizing their entire HR administrative functions. HCM considers the workforce as more than just a cost of doing business; it is a core business asset whose value can be maximized through strategic investment and management—just like any other asset.


Time tracking,


The Performance Monitoring Tools has a pricing plan.

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Pick the performance management software that is best suited to your organization. Goal setting is an important aspect of a business and we can help you by sharing more content on performance management. Write to us or subscribe to us for more performance management content.
Set the goal before you start, success follows, All the best!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • zoho people
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  •  Lattice Performance Management
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Based on our continuous research and interviews with the CXOs and the CHROs we understood the below given can be a basic guide in selecting a software platform.

1. Software platform – Platform onboarding should happen in a lesser amount of time. The User-friendly interface can help better in adaptation. The features should be customizable as per the organization’s requirements.
2. Support – The product support should have a quicker resolution time with a dedicated account manager.
3. Integratable – The product’s capability integrating with other tools used by the organization