Drive Employee Engagement and inspire teams to perform high

Datalligence employee engagement software brings in multi-directional feedback that constantly measures performance. 1:1’s that dries clarity

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    Employee engagement software
    Employee engagement software

    Datalligence employee engagement software brings in multi-directional feedback that constantly measures performance. 1:1’s that dries clarity

      • 14 days free trial
      • No Credit card required

      How does Datalligence Employee Engagement Software drive results?

      Datalligence Employee Engagement software 🎯- Connect and Collaborate seamlessly


      Facing challenges in employee engagement? Not empowered with the right tools to measure employee engagement.

      • Lack of alignment
      • Lesser recognition
      • Decreased motivation
      • No direction

      Datalligence Employee engagement software that comes with the CFR(conversation, feedback and recognition) module

      • Continuous conversations to provide direction and alignment
      • Combine recognition and Key Result deliverables
      • Multi-directional feedback to keep motivation high
      • Creates direction through objective alignment
      Employee engagement software

      John Doerr says that “Like OKRs, CFRs champion transparency, accountability, empowerment, and teamwork, at all levels of the organization.” They are a complete delivery system to measure what matters.

      The only platform which has a separate module for Conversation,Feedback and Recognition (CFR) referred as a sibling to OKRs, and both together make a powerful Duo. CFR optimises OKRs in capturing the conversation around the key learnings and challenges. Tag CFR’s to OKRs for frequent reviews and collaborations and plan the upcoming cadence based on the last cadence learnings

      employee engagement


      Conversations drives and inproves the relationship between the manager and employee which is the key for keeping the team motivated and engaged
      “As workplace conversations become integral, managers are evolving from taskmasters to teachers, coaches, and mentors.” – John Doerr

      • Initiate conversations around the OKRs to increase rich exchange of ideas and challenges between the manager and the contributor
      • Enables focus on improvements and developments
      • OKR Retrospective meetings to capture key learnings
      employee engagement


      Respond to an individual behaviour and sharing feedback is vital to keep any workforce intact. Unbiased feedback ensures the success of OKRs

      • Initiate Peer-peer feedback
      • Keep the Feedback Bi-directional and also Networked
      • Drive both upward and downward feedback
      • 1:1 feedback meetings to review the deliverables
      best Employee engagement software


      Recognitions increase motivation and motivations drives performance.

      Express appreciation to those who deserve and make it public to increase the social recognition. When an individual feels valued they are likely to go extra mile and think out of the box.

      • Recognise team to increase and improve motivation (Public/Private)
      • Measure managerial effectiveness by the feedback given
      best Employee engagement software

      FAQ About Employee Engagement 🎯

      Employee engagement varies for each person and that keeps it more dynamic. A few examples are communication, goal visibility, compensation and job security.

      • Empathy
      • Leadership
      • Rewards and recognition.
      • Succession plan

      Only 36% of Employees Are Engaged in the Workplace and that contributes to lesser productivity. Employee engagement increases productivity and increases accountability

      The impact of employee engagement is organisational wide and also a personal well being. Engaged employee has a better work-life balance and his productivity is high

      Align, Measure, and Optimize Goals to drive Continuous Business Performance.

      • 14 days free trial
      • No Credit card required
      • 14 days free trial
      • No Credit card required