Best Goal Setting Software for 2023

Create a performance culture by linking the goals and outcomes. Simple and Intuitive software to increase goal progress and employee engagement.

  • Track, analyze, and increase goal achievement
  • Actionable insights to increase employee productivity
  • Increase employee engagement by 15%

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Datalligence Performance management system is built with an aim to connect and engage the New Generational workforce. Adopts continuous performance reviews that measures and monitor employee performance and track real-time Bi-directional feedback

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How Datalligence accelerate performance?

inspire teams
Datalligence AI OKR check-ins

360° performance management

Identify HiPos with the 360 performance review. Insights on the ongoing performance and help design career planning for the top talent.
The 360-degree review enables feedback from managers, peers, and other raters that help managers to identify and evaluate the skill and competence required for the role.

OKR based performance

Review Competence and Skills

Datalligence enables organizations to initiate behavioural and performance assessments at the year-end. Track the open and completed status and enable automate notifications.
Create your own questionnaire (multiple-choice, rating, Text) to initiate Pulse, 180 or 360-degree assessements