Create Objective

  • Click Create new objective in the left Menu
  • Enter Objective Description
  • Select Year and Cadence
  • Assign to the Owner
  • Select if the Objective is Aspirational or Operational
  • Create it as an Individual, team, or Company objective
  • Select if you would like to create a Private or Public Objective
  • Check the Add Key Result box to add Key Result or Save and close to exit

Create Key Results

  • To Add Key Results select the boundaries first
  • Enter your Key Results Description or select from the library
  • Select the UoM – Unit of Measurement
  • Enter Start and Target Value
  • Decide the timeline
  • Add Assign Owner

For Example:

Objective: Increase customer satisfaction

Key Result 1: Increase customer satisfaction ratings by 20% by Q3

Key Result 2: Reduce the average response time for customer inquiries to 24 hours or less by Q4

Key Result 3: Implement a customer feedback program and collect at least 100 pieces of feedback in Q2.

What are Boundaries?

Boundaries help you measure metrics, and it helps you measure all the business metrics. You can measure both Qualitative and Quantitative

  • Increase – Measures Metrics that are increasing in Nature (eg: Sales, eNPS, etc)
  • Decrease – Help in measuring metrics that you wish to decrease (eg: Attrition, Bugs, Quality issues)
  • Control – Measures metrics that you want to control (eg: Operational Cost, Recruitment budget, etc)
  • Attain – The metric is the Minimum requirement to start the measurement. (Eg: Minimum number of calls made)
  • Track Activities – Helps in measuring qualitative metrics like milestones and initiatives