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Writing good OKRs are the basic requirement to start the OKR program

Datalligence has always been proactive in sharing information about OKRs and what best one can get out of OKRs. Our learnings and inspirations are shared in each of our blogs.

This guide will help you to create OKRs with minimal guidance. With the given examples shared to get started right away.

What are OKRs?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is an effective and proven goal-setting framework. OKRs are successfully used by some leading organizations in the world. With the ever-changing business landscape, it is important to have short-term goals that are agile and adapt to business changes.

OKR consists of “Objective” which defines the “what” we need to achieve and “How” we can achieve our what. OKRs framework consists of a few rules and a set of practices that help us to define and track OKRs. OKRs create alignment and focus which enable employees to prioritize. It transforms the culture of an organization from measuring output to outcomes

Company OKRs

It’s important to have the OKR Ambassadors finalized before drafting the company-level objectives. Companies should be able to communicate in simple language to the lowest level of the employee and they should be able to relate it to their role.

OKR is a transformational journey, it needs time to get streamlined. The top thing that comes to mind while drafting the company objective is the revenue projection and sales target plan.
Preparing those sales target plans is that it does not provide enough guidance to the team on how they can achieve these targets.

Your company objectives should not be a long list like the one below. If we add too many objectives and it will bring down the focus and priority

Company Examples

Company OKR Examples

• The strategic bets you are chasing
• Market and competition
• Product/service of the company to be customer-centric

The best-written Company Objectives should not be more than 3 to 5 and should be able to guide the entire organization.

Objective 1: Grow and increase our business by 30%

  • Key Result 1: Grow revenue to $20Mn
  • Key Result 2: Launch the 2 new product by Q2
  • Key Result 3: Customer churn to be reduced to 5%

Objective 2: Increase customer delight

  • Key Result 1: Collect feedback from 10 customers/month
  • Key Result 2: Increase customer retention to 85%
  • Key Result 3: Achieve NPS (Net Promoter score) from 6 to 8

Objective 3: Make the company a global player in Acme product Range

  • Key Result 1: Raise funding for establishing in the North American Market
  • Key Result 2: Launch of Acme product in North American Market by Q4

Objective 4 : Improve customer satisfaction by 10%.

  • Key Result 1 : Reduce customer churn by 5%.
  • Key Result 2: Increase customer lifetime value by 10%.
  • Key Result 3 : Receive an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on all customer review platforms.

Objective 5 : Expand into new markets.

  • Key Result 1 : Enter two new markets within the next year.
  • Key Result 2: Increase sales in new markets by 50% within the first 12 months.
  • Key Result 3 :Achieve market share of 10% in each new market within the first 24 months.

Objective 6 : Improve employee engagement.

  • Key Result 1 : Increase employee satisfaction by 5%.
  • Key Result 2 :Reduce employee turnover by 10%.
  • Key Result 3 : Increase employee productivity by 15%.

Objective 7 : Increase brand awareness.

  • Key Result 1 : Increase website traffic by 20%.
  • Key Result 2 : Increase social media following by 50%.
  • Key Result 3 :Generate 100 media mentions within the next year.

Objective 8 : Become a leader in the industry.

  • Key Result 1 : Be ranked as the top company in the industry by a leading industry publication.
  • Key Result 2 : Receive the most awards in the industry.
  • Key Result 3 :Be the most talked-about company in the industry.

Objective 9 : Make a positive impact on the world.

  • Key Result 1 : Reduce the company’s environmental impact by 10%.
  • Key Result 2 : Donate $1 million to charity within the next year.
  • Key Result 3 : Create a product or service that has a positive impact on the world.

Team OKR

Team and individual OKRs communicate the intention and the plan to achieve the company objectives. What resources are required to achieve the company objectives gets defined while writing the Team and individual OKRs.

OKRs work well in shorter cadence and help you to change the course if required. This agility will help us in identifying the gap and work accordingly.

Now that we have an understanding of the basics of OKR we can get started and have an awesome OKR journey

Sales Examples

OKR Examples for the Sales team

Objective 1: Become choice of the customer in the MENA region

  • Key result 1: Increase the market share from 30% to 50%
  • Key result 2: Increase customer retention by 5%
  • Key result 3: Increase customer conversation rate to 10%

Objective 2: Improve the sales strategies that drive results

  • Key result 1: Achieve 30% of the sales through the upselling and cross-selling
  • Key result 2:Key Result: Achieve 20 % of sales through Digital Marketing.

Objective 3: Build a healthy and sustainable Sales pipeline

  • Key result 1: Deliver monthly pipeline of $50M
  • Key result 2: Achieve 20% “Enterprise” deals.
  • Key result 3: Increase total enriched leads to 50%

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Marketing Examples

OKR Examples For Marketing Team

Objective 1: Bringing new leads to the website

  • Key result 1: Increase the monthly visitors to the website from 12,000 to 20,000
  • Key result 2: Decrease home page bounce rate from 65% to 40%
  • Key result 3: Increase direct response score from 45 to 70

Objective 2: Achieve record acquisition metrics

  • Key result 1: Increase the trial sign-ups from 800 to 1600
  • Key result 2: Maintain CAC below 40$
  • Key result 3: Increase the MAU from 15k to 25k

Objective: Clarify the product messaging for the release of the new product

  • Key result 1: Conduct 15 on-site user testing sessions to understand TA
  • Key result 2: Run 20 different ads on Facebook and measure the performance
  • Key result 3: Prepare new product presentation and test it with 5-10 users

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Human Resources Examples

OKR Examples for HR

Objective 1: Improve hiring effectiveness by Q2

  • Key result 1: Improve the quality of hire from 60 to 80%
  • Key result 2: Decrease first-year churn rate from 40% to 10%
  • Key result 3: Increase the Offer acceptance rate by 50%

Objective 2: Improve onboarding program

  • Key result 1: Increase employee happiness score to 90% while onboarding
  • Key result 2: Decrease first-year employee turnover from 20 to 10%
  • Key result 3: Increase Induction training completion rate from 80 to90%

Objective 3: Create an enhanced employee experience

  • Key result 1: Increase work-life balance survey score to 9
  • Key result 2: Increase employee satisfaction score to 8
  • Key result 3: Increase weekly pulse survey score to 4

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Information Technology Examples

OKR Examples for IT Department

Objective 1: Enhance data recovery processing by Q3

  • Key result 1: Expand the number of data centers in district 13 by 20%
  • Key result 2:Expand the number of disaster recovery sites from 4 to 8

Objective 2: Increase awareness and competencies of Cyber security by Q2

  • Key result 1: Increase the training session for cyber security by two times than the existing practice
  • Key result 2: Reduce unauthorized attempts to bypass the security from 12 to 8

Objective 3: Optimize the security response system by Q2

  • Key result 1: Shoot up the frequency of reporting by the critical response system by 40%
  • Key result 2: Reduce the security-related downtime from 4hours to an hour.
Manufacturing Examples

OKR examples for Manufacturing Team

Objective 1: Increase the sales in the —- region by XX %

  • Key result 1: Acquire new customers to achieve the revenue target of 25Mn
  • Key result 2: Increase the sales from the existing customers by 20 %
  • Key result 3: Decrease the churn by 5%

Objective 2: Increase the Production volume by 5 tons by Q3

  • Key result 1: Decrease the Cycle time from 10 to 5 minutes
  • Key result 2: Increase the production capacity by 2 lines
  • Key result 3: Decrease In process rejections by 3%

Objective 3: Decrease the Quality Rejections by XX%

  • Key result 1: Bring down the plant PPM from 5 to 3
  • Key result 2: Customer rejection on the FG to be brought down to 5%

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Product Manager Examples

OKR Examples for Product Manager

Objective 1: Justify the problem-solution that fit the product

  • Key Result 1: Conduct the design sprint to create and test the solution
  • Key Result 2: Justify the top 15 important hypotheses
  • Key Result 3: Perform at least 20 interviews with the target audience concerning the problem

Objective 2: Increase the speed at which the new feature/product is delivered

  • Key Result 1: Increase the sprint team speed to 35 to 60 points
  • Key Result 2: Decrease the bug-per feature from 2.0 to 1.0
  • Key Result 3: Decrease the average lead time by 40%

Objective 3: Perform a successful product launch for V4

  • Key Result 1: Hike up the sign-up trial rate from 25% to 40%
  • Key Result 2: Hike up the trail to paid conversion rate from 15% to 30%
  • Key Result 3: Raise the referral revenue from $25,000 to $60,000

Customer Success Examples

OKR examples for customer success team

Objective 1: Build a world-class customer success team

  • Key Result 1: Recruit three experienced, high performing leaders for functional roles
  • Key Result 2: Reduce ramp-up time for CSMs by 30%

Objective 2: Deliver a world-class customer experience

  • Key Result 1: Increase the number of personalized offers to customers from 1 to 3 a quarter
  • Key Result 2: Conduct bi-weekly customer training sessions to create a product experience

Objective 3: Measure efficiency of the customer success team

  • Key Result 1: Establish a system to track customer metric
  • Key Result 2: Conduct bi-weekly customer review meetings

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Engineering Examples

OKR Examples for Engineering Teams

Objective 1: Accelerate the development team speed

  • Key Result 1: Sprint team velocity to be increased to 40 % by Q2
  • Key Result 2: Increase processing speed from 5 min to 15 seconds
  • Key Result 3: Feature-wise non-functional bugs reduction from 10 to 0

Objective 2- Create an effective procedure for testing

  • Key Result 1: Decrease open issues to 0 numbers
  • Key Result 2: Report decrease in the bug reported by end-user to 5 numbers
  • Key Result 3: Improve testing coverage from 50% to 80%

Objective 3: Create a vision and a roadmap for 0 bug policy

  • Key Result 1: 0 bugs after deployment in production
  • Key Result 2: Discover and eliminate 5 bugs every month
Project Management Examples

OKR Examples for Project Management

Objective 1: Successfully launch Version 4 for the CRM module by Q2

  • Key Result 1: Get 2000 new signup
  • Key Result 2: Aim and Achieve 25 % sign-ups to trial
  • Key Result 3: Achieve trial conversion ratio of over 40%

Objective 2: Design Product Vision

  • Key Result 1: Get internal feedback on a scale of 1 to 5 from the team
  • Key Result 2: Get usability score on mock-ups from prospective and current customers
  • Key Result 3: Get feedback from at least 50% of prospective customers on the mock-ups

Objective 3: Research, analyze, and understand what our users and non-users think

  • Key Result 1: 60 Interviews with current key accounts
  • Key Result 2: 80 interviews with churned accounts
  • Key Result 3: 25 interviews with key leaders in the organization

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Health Care Examples

OKR Examples for Health Care

Objective 1: Foster learning culture in the frontline to support professional development

  • Key Result 1: Increase in skill certifications in Quarter 1
  • Key Result 2: Increase training satisfaction score from 80% to 95%

Objective 2: Increase hospital operational efficiency

  • Key Result 1: Increase Medical Equipment utilization to 90%
  • Key Result 2: Minimizing cost of goods procured by 10%
  • Key Result 3: Ensure 10% for Operating Cash Flow

Objective 3: Increase patient Satisfaction

  • Key Result 1: Reduce the Patient waiting time from 30 Mins to 5 Mins
  • Key Result 2: Reduce discharge time to 5 Hours to 30 minutes

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Personal Growth Examples

OKR Examples for Growth

Objective 1: Become the choice of the customer in the MENA region

  • Key Result 1: Increase the market share from 30 to 40%
  • Key Result 2: Increase customer retention by 5%
  • Key Result 3: Increase customer conversation rate to 30%

Objective 2: Solidify our finances to set the stage for taking our product to the next level

  • Key Result 1: Increase gross profit from 10% to 12%
  • Key Result 2: Review your expenses and identify areas where you can cut costs without negatively impacting the quality of your products or services by Quarter 1

Objective 3: Grow and increase our business by 20%

  • Key Result 1: Grow revenue to $25Mn
  • Key Result 2: Launch the 2 new product by Q2
  • Key Result 3: Customer churn to be reduced to 10%
Design Team Examples

OKR Examples for Design

Objective 1: Increase the brand image to become a household brand

  • Key Result 1: Increase the website visit from 2000 to 3000
  • Key Result 2: Publish 3 customer testimonials per week

Objective 2: Design concepts that increase sales and marketing

  • Key Result 1: Deliver the graphic asset for approval by Week 3
  • Key Result 2: Add X Assets to be available for the sales team by Week

Objective 3: New and interactive website launch that communications our core purpose

  • Key Result 1: Collect feedback from the users by May
  • Key Result 2: Test the version with 25 people
  • Key Result 3: Website visitors to be increased by 50%
  • Key Result 4: Increase the signup ratio from 10 to 30 %

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Finance and Accounting OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Finance and Accounting

Objective 1: Reduce tax liability

  • Key Result 1: Increase tax-advantaged investment from 5% to 10%
  • Key Result 2: Decrease current liabilities from 10% to 5% by the end of Q3
  • Key Result 3: Decrease depreciation cost from 30% to 20%

Objective 2: Complete Accurate Financial Reports

  • Key Result 1: Review internal audit for process accuracy and optimization
  • Key Result 2: Coordinate with department heads for revenue projections.

Objective 3: Create and finalize the accounts payable report by the end of Q4

  • Key Result 1: Finish reviewing and approving departmental expenditures bi-weekly
  • Key Result 2: Reduce redundant expenditures by 85% by the end of the quarter
  • Key Result 3: Review and complete compensation agreements by the end of the quarter
Operation OKR Example

OKR Examples for Operations

Objective 1: Create an office that is maintained to high standards.

  • Key Result 1: Ensure the office supplies are available at all times
  • Key Result 2: Decrease the office supplies spend to 30%

Objective 2: Build a great company culture

  • Key Result 1: Increase the employee retention to 50%
  • Key Result 2: Implement a Quarterly employee satisfaction survey

Objective 3: Increase office productivity

  • Key Result 1: Increase the number of training hours to 3 hours
  • Key Result 2: Launch an effective carpooling system to decrease cost by 10%

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Software Engineers OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Software Engineers

Objective 1: Tech stack optimization by Q1 to achieve the annual goal

  • Key Result 1: Identify and analyze the tech stacks by 1 month
  • Key Result 2: Plan new talent needed to deliver new tech

Objective 2: Deliver the planned feature as per the road map

  • Key Result 1: Deliver the new feature by 2 month
  • Key Result 2: achieve more than 90% customer satisfaction with the new feature

Objective 3: Improve the release quality

  • Key Result 1: Bugs after the release to be decreased to 0
  • Key Result 2: Unit test to be covered from 80 to 90%