Implement OKR Software to Drive 10x Business Growth 🚀

Datalligence Best OKR software builds a performance culture for your teams that are small, large, or a start-up. Track and measure progress with real-time data and visualize alignment.

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    Why Implement OKR Software

    Implement OKR Software to Drive 10x Business Growth 🚀

    Datalligence OKR platform builds a performance culture for your teams that are small, large, or a start-up. Track and measure progress with real-time data and visualize alignment.

      • Free forever
      • No Credit card required

      Great Platform  

      Great platform to bring in focus and alignment of the larger company goals to individual employee objectives. We were able to integrate our OKRs and performance review in one tool. Employees have clarity on how their work adds value to the big picture. Engagement between managers and their teams has gone up which has positively influenced the overall productivity. Very simple and user-friendly interface. Excellent customer support and super-fast query resolution.

      Aarthi Gunnan Rajkumar,
      Associate Director - Global HR

      Aarthi, Associate Director HR - Global at GigSky

      Highly user-friendly interface  

      We introduced OKRs to our team to create alignment and increase focus
      With the Datalligence platform, Objective alignment gave us more clarity on our OKRs. Highly user-friendly interface. Their domain expertise helped to solve our OKR queries as their understanding was swift.

      Murugan Babu,
      Senior Vice President - Madras Radiators

      Murugan Babu, Senior Vice President - Madras Radiators And Pressings Ltd Plant 1 Plant 5 Plant 7

      Great platform to integrate OKRs

      Datalligence is a great platform to integrate OKRs and align Company goals to employee objectives. It is a user-friendly and interactive platform. Engagement between the management team and each employee has become more efficient and effective. Using this platform has resulted in growth in productivity. Datalligence OKR platform has an excellent customer support system and an approachable team for a quick resolution. This OKR platform is suitable for small to large-scale corporations.

      Piyush Bhandari,
      Managing Partner - Intuit Management Consultancy

      Piyush Bhandari, Managing Partner - Intuit Management Consultancy

      How Datalligence OKR Software accelerate performance?

      create alignment- okr software

      Create Goal Alignment

      Get a clear focus on the OKRs that matters to the business. Prioritize and align the team to the organization's mission to boost productivity.

      Increase Collaboration

      Enables remote teams to communicate and collaborate with the objectives of the organization. Communicates on the wins and misses that empowers teams on decision-making

      increase performance with okr

      Increase Employee Performance

      Creating focus and transparency to increase participation and trust, as a result, increase engagement and performance

      Datalligence OKR software 🎯- Align to the goal and track execution seamlessly


      Measuring and tracking performance has been the greatest challenge? we are stuck with excels that don’t provide any insight that would be useful for the business.

      • No Goal visibility
      • There is no link between strategy and execution
      • Lack of alignment
      • No Accountability
      • Lack of priority

      Datalligence OKR software automates and tracks the performance. Help organisations to stay informed and agile. Connect and engage the workforce continuously.

      • Publish Annual goals in the Datalligence Platform
      • Progress tracking by check-ins
      • Objective alignment tree for a birds eve view
      • Create and align OKRs to the team
      • Track OKRs that are “On-track, Off-track, and “at-risk”
      OKR Software

      OKR Alignment

      OKR software that Creates a birds-eye view for the Company's objective to have a quick glimpse and track the progress of the company, team, and individual objectives. Measure outcomes that matter to the business.

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      OKR Software

      Create goal-specific OKRs to accelerate Outcome

      OKR Management software enables managers to create targeted Objectives and clearly defined Key Result Types that are customizable to the business needs. Key Results are both metric and milestone that increases productivity and focus.

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      Track progress continuously

      OKR Tracking software enables managers to have continuous tracking by checking in on time and initiating conversations around the Key Results to create clarity or eliminate ambiguity.

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      Integrate Feedback and 1 on 1 to OKRs

      Initiate peer-peer, upward and downward feedback (Public/Private) to motivate the team to increase accountability. OKR Software that drives 1 on 1 meeting, OKR retrospectives to share the learnings and best practices.

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      OKR Software Benefits 😍

      Inspire Teams by converting the actions into results. Align and focus. Constantly review and. Conduct quarterly retro for learnings

      Set key results that are specific to the business. Metrics that drive the objectives will bring in radical clarity on what are the key metrics that contribute to the business.

      The value created is measured through the key result progress. Key results define how to achieve the objective to drive focus and bring clarity. Create business impact by measuring what matters

      Alignment is key to OKRs, OKR software brings in alignment and continuous progress tracking. Increases collaboration and drives data-driven decision-making.

      OKRs increase collaboration by connecting teams on a common goal. Allows contributing cross-functionally to increase collaboration

      Autonomy at its best when using OKRs. Increases the ownership and ensures that every individual is accountable for what they own.

      Less is more. As OKRs are limited from 3 to 5 it allows us to prioritize what matters to the business. The priority helps teams to increase the focus and deliver what is required in that particular quarter and helps in decreasing the execution gap.

      Aligning the OKRs to the team or organizational objectives ensures the force is in one single direction, the annual goal. This increases the execution velocity leaving no room for surprises

      Creating ownership and autonomy creates a performance culture. A positive work environment where individuals connect and collaborate to execute the objectives.

      OKR fosters CFR(Conversation, Feedback, and recognition). CFR creates and increases employee engagement and promotes multi-directional feedback.

      FAQ About OKR Software 🎯

      A dedicated OKR software, unlike OKR on Excel, will make the tracking process three thousand times better. Tracking the progression of your OKR is as important as the implementation towards the set goal. OKR Software is to identify when any of your employees or a team member involved in the OKR-set goal realization is falling short of his/her objectives or deviating from the goal due to some error in their understanding of the goal. When such members are identified, you, as the manager or leader, can help them in getting a clear understanding of the goals. In the case of challenges that hinder them, you can advise them of a better plan of action and thereby regularly motivate them to achieve their goals.

      Once we define the goal, we should be able to track it regularly to achieve it. With the OKR tracking tool, we can track our goals, objective, and key results. We can establish alignment by creating objectives for teams and individual goals for each day or an extended period. Track their progress, get an OKR status report each day, and create engaged employees

      Organizations adopt OKR software as they help to visualize the alignment to the vision. The OKR software allows you to align cross-functionally and also bottom-up. The transparency enables teams to stay focused on what is a priority to the organization. Enabling the remote and the hybrid teams to work on a common goal creates focus. This eliminates silos and ensures that the team is collaborative and accountable.

      OKR software is a goal-setting platform for setting, communicating, tracking, and measuring goals. OKR software helps in aligning with the goals and focusing on the priorities The use of OKR software creates goal clarity and helps achieve the full benefit of the OKRs Regular check-in on your Key Results to know their progression and communicate with your team through a simple approach. Share the OKR with the entire populace of your company, not just the team involved. This gives them a holistic view. Employ dedicated OKR software to make use of features such as OKR progress, the confidence of success, and initiative to resolve the impediments.

      Insights – OKR insights help us to slice and dice how the organizational and departmental objectives are performing. This will indicate on the gaps and analyses the adaptation
      Alignment – Alignment gives visibility also defines dependencies and cross-functional collaboration
      Scalable – Clarity and focus bring scalability and these two are the main recipe of OKRs. Brings the teams and departments together to work towards the common goal.

      • The objective should start with a verb and use the formula to make it simple
        Verb + what do you want to do + so that / in order to
      • Objectives should be Directional else it can be ambiguous while setting Key Results
      • Objectives are not the Status Quo of the organizations (E.g.: Maintain Sales revenue of XXX Billion).
      • Keep it aligned to your organization’s objectives. There are ways to align objectives. With Datalligence you can either
      • Align your objectives to a company's objectives
      • Align to a team objective, which in turn aligned with the company objective.
      • Create an individual objective which can personal development goals
      • Ensure that the Objective written creates an impact on the company objectives or a team objective. Aligning an objective with no impact is mostly not recommended
      • It is necessary that the objective has to be time-bound, indefinite Objectives will not
      • serve the organizational purpose.
      • A big no to the metrics for Objective, that will be taken care of by the Key results.
      • Keep it in simple language that can be understood by people across the organization and across all levels

      Align, Measure, and Optimize Goals to drive Continuous Business Performance.

      • Free forever
      • No Credit card required
      • Free forever
      • No Credit card required
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