OKRs and Remote teams

Published On: September 28, 2022|Categories: Objective and Key Results|

OKRs and Remote teams

Published On: September 28, 2022|
OKR and Remote teams

What are OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)? 

Objective and Key Results (OKRs) are the most promising goal-setting framework used by organizations like Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and many other successful organizations. 

A simple and effective framework that helps us to measure the outcome of an organization, Team, and individual. Since OKR (Objectives & Key Results) helps measure the aspirations of the organization it is the most preferred framework for strategy execution. 

Objectives help us to measure what are we trying to achieve and key results help us define how we reach the objective. OKRs measure what matters to the business unveil suited for companies of all sizes.

Remote Teams

The pandemic has changed the way we work and interact in the workplace most of the company continued to be online some companies have come back only 50% to the office. While the challenge remains the same as to how we are going to measure and manage the teams who are working remotely and how to bridge the gap between the remote on the other teams 

When the team is working remotely then we have challenges in connecting and engaging with the workforce. Everyone working silos and not collaboratively together might not drive them to the common goal. OKRs can help you to overcome both challenges.  

How OKRs synergize with remote teams. 

OKRs try to measure the outcome of an organization irrespective of the time one individual works on. Since OKRs have a clearly defined outcome it is easy to measure and track the performance of the team and allows them to stay together and understand how the team and the organization progresses 

Most companies have started using OKRs to bring alignment in the team and help them understand and prioritize what matters to the business this gives them a focus and clarity on what they want to achieve and eliminate silos and brings in collaboration 

OKRs take away the speculation on guessing what the remote employee’s top priorities are and how are they aligned with the organizational objective. The speculation gets eliminated while implementing OKRs. 

OKRs help you to get aligned with the priority at the same time define what is expected through Key Results. The team gets clear clarity on what is the expected outcome. 

While doing so also increases accountability and ownership. Once they completely own the OKRs they create the alignment, or we call it laddering. 

While creating focus and clearly defined objectives, we no longer measure the number of hours that they work we measure outcomes that help us achieve organizational objectives. The traditional 9-5 working hours get eliminated and, we achieve the desired outcome. The result-oriented and outcome-driven team gets created. Tracking Key results has tangibility and is highly objective, not subjective. By practicing this culture, we get to create trust and motivation among the teams. 

When there is the right communication and information, it helps teams to make decisions as per the organization’s priority. Teams get motivated intrinsically. 

Common problems experienced by remote teams 

Though it has its benefits, it also has its limitations 

Lack of Visibility 

Since the team is not working physically present it is most difficult to track their progress and deliverables. Managers and others in the team struggle in coordinating with each other. Some feel excluded and get stuck on what they are working on. Employers on the other hand must face the challenges of the customers and business. 

Misaligned teams 

When the team is out of sight they fall apart from the rhythm and tune hence they stay misaligned. We can no longer walk to the next cabin and discuss to clarify doubts, hence they miss the deadline. 

Lack of motivation

There is no motivation to get up and go to work to look forward to every day. They have fewer conversations with the team and tend to fall into isolation and loneliness. 

What are OKR Benefits?

There are multiple benefits that we get out of using okay hours to measure organizational performance. okay as clearly brings clarity and focus to an individual and what they want to achieve. Also guides them through the process of this transparency of the framework bills trust and motivation few benefits  

  • clearly defined organization objectives help them identify priorities  
  • alliance with individual and team objectives to create collaboration
  • keeps the team motivated by sharing a transparent vision and allowing them to contribute toward it  
  • autonomy of the entire framework brings in ownership and accountability  
  • tracksuit rock monitors poker progress continuously  
  • insights provided in the platform give you a clear understanding of the input and output key results required to achieve the desired outcome  


Datalligence AI OKR helps organizations to onboard in a moment. Talk to our coaches today to implement OKRs to your team, which brings radical focus to the teams and the individuals. 


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