10 Best OKR Examples for Digital Marketing

Published On: October 5, 2021|Categories: OKR Examples|

10 Best OKR Examples for Digital Marketing

Published On: October 5, 2021|
Digital marketing OKRs

How Does OKR Software Help the Digital Marketing team?

From a CMO’s role, the key mandate is Digital marketing. Digital transformation across the globe has created a huge requirement of generating leads digitally. In the era of social media where is multiple choice available for a consumer, reaching out and converting can be a daunting task.

Since there is a wide choice for a customer today, customer experience and retention become a priority. Both organic and paid marketing is very important for increasing the brand image. Here we have shared a few Digital marketing OKRs to plan your OKR journey and increase and measure your digital presence. OKR software helps the Digital marketing team to track the metrics that matter to business continuity.

OKR software for the Digital Marketing team

Marketing gets its outcome by connecting and networking with people. Today most of such connections happen online. Digital marketing thrives for this very reason and the ever-changing techniques and algorithms keep the digital marketer on their toes always.
Every moment spent online by the users means one sale and getting their attention is a hard task. OKR software helps teams team to focus and prioritize on the target audience and ensure they are aligned with the customer’s behaviors.

OKRs set for these teams are very competitive and highly dynamic. Marketing goals have to be totally aligned with the organizational goal. This is important to have the alignment as Digital marketing contributes a lot towards the revenue and brand-related goals. The team of content writers, Social media team, SEO specialist, Graphic team make a great contribution to the overall business and it is important to have the right OKRs for these teams to achieve the goal.
Let us understand a few OKRs for these teams to help us get started with OKRs

Digital Marketing OKRs Examples

Digital marketing Okrs

1. Boost engagement on social media

OKRs can help in creating and measuring engagement in social media. Digital marketing leaders can use OKRs as a guide to analyzing both the “what and how”

Objective: Boost engagement on social media

  • KR 1: Blog read via FB to be increased to X%
  • KR 2: Increase the Youtube view to X%

2. Improve and enhance Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is very dynamic and vital to a business and leaders need to ensure that they address all the methods available. Dedicated focus in all the areas improves the sales and branding of an organization.

Objective: Improve and enhance Digital marketing

  • KR 1: Improve SEO site health from X% to Y%
  • KR 2: Increase traffic through backlinks from X% to Y%

3. Improve social media branding

Digital branding techniques differentiate the company from its competitors and this can be measured through OKRs

Objective: Improve social media branding

  • KR 1: Instagram impressions increase to X%
  • KR 2: Increase the quora post from X to Y a week

4. Improve Existing Web Page Quality

A quality website is a gateway to digital marketing, it is the one single place most of the users’ visit and it is important to maintain the website quality with the relevant content.

Objective: Improve Existing Web Page Quality

  • KR 1: Add at least “X” target keywords For 15 webpages
  • KR 2: Replace existing images with custom-designed graphics For 15 webpages
    KEY RESULT Add relevant infographics for at least “X” recently added blogs

5. Enhance the quality of future Blog Posts

Blogging is a very important aspect and it drives the traffic to the website it is essential to measure the traffic to validate the strategies adopted

Objective: Enhance the quality of future Blog Posts

  • KR 1: X% clicks on inbound links
  • KR 2: List 2 primary keywords and 10 secondary keywords

6. Generate more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Ensuring the lead is converted is the primary requirement for the entire digital marketing activities, OKRs help in measuring the lead and the conversion to measure if the efforts are channelized in the right direction. The quality of the leads also contributes to insights that are important to the business.

Objective: Generate more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

  • KR 1: Increase email marketing MQLs from 100 to 150
  • KR 2: Increase AdWords MQLs from 70 to 100
  • KR 3: Increase organic search MQLs from 45 to 50

7. Enhance the communication by increasing the new letter content

Communication is key while driving a business. Constantly sharing information that a customer might require to see will bring in conversion.

Objective: Enhance the communication by increasing the new letter content

  • KR1: Weekly 1 newsletter to the potential customers
  • KR2: increase the number of clicks for the newsletters from X% to Y%

8. Reach potential customers through email marketing

Another important and one of the oldest channels is email marketing. Though is an old method but performs higher than other channels

Objective: Reach potential customers through email marketing

  • KR 1: Increase the email click to the signup page from X% to Y%
  • KR 2: Increase the email subscription to X% new registrations for the webinar via Email
  • KR 3: Share X blogs via email every week.

9. Decrease the churn by understanding customer pulse

Customer retention and reducing churn is very important for a business to sustain continuously

Objective: Decrease the churn by understanding customer pulse

  • KR 1: Launch feedback fortnightly to understand the gap
  • KR 2: Identify social media followers and engage biweekly

10. Reach targeted customers through online channels through PPC and PPL campaign

Inevitable for every business to acquire customers online as most businesses are driven digitally.

Objective: Reach targeted customers through online channels through PPC and PPL campaign

  • KR 1: PPC campaigns to fetch X number of clicks
  • KR 2: Reduce the cost per click by x%
  • KR 3: Increase CPM by X% every quarter

Implement OKR Software solution for Health Care Industry.

While implementing OKRs for Digital marketing teams, it’s important to understand the dynamic metrics that drive the inbound sales and branding. Understand the key dependencies across the departments Setting clear department goals and individual. Recognizing the key Results that matter to business will help in crafting OKRs

To wrap it up

Talk to our experts to more about OKRs. Our OKR coaches will work along with the organization to create specific OKRs that align with and deliver organizational objectives. Teams like digital marketing should have the right kind of OKRs are their business. This enables interdepartmental OKRs and allows you to network with other teams. Write to Datalligence for implementing OKRs today.

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