Performance management system for the New Gen Workforce

Datalligence Performance management software is built with an aim to connect and engage the New Generational workforce. Adopts continuous performance reviews that measures and monitors employee performance

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Datalligence Performance management system is built with an aim to connect and engage the New Generational workforce. Adopts continuous performance reviews that measures and monitor employee performance and track real-time Bi-directional feedback

  • Free forever
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How Datalligence Performance Management Software accelerate performance?

360 performance management software
360 performance management software

360° performance management

Identify HiPos with the 360 performance review. Insights on the ongoing performance and help design career planning for the top talent.
The 360-degree review enables feedback from managers, peers, and other raters that help managers to identify and evaluate the skill and competence required for the role.

OKR based performance

Review Competence and Skills

Datalligence enables organizations to initiate behavioural and performance assessments at the year-end. Track the open and completed status and enable automate notifications.
Create your own questionnaire (multiple-choice, rating, Text) to initiate Pulse, 180 or 360-degree assessements

OKR based performance

Multi-directional Feedback and 1:1 meeting

Create feedback and conversations around Key results and recognize the employee constantly.
Share multi-directional feedback that can be both private and public. Public feedback and appreciations are visible to all.
1:1 meetings that are specific to OKRs and allow you to add notes and learnings. The notes added are automatically tagged to the specific OKR for future reference.

performance managent software

Performance review (potential or promotion) and Training identification

Datalligence dentifies potential and HiPo’s for career and succession planning and integrates the Training needs to its learning management system.

performance managent software

OKR based New Gen performance management

OKR integration with performance management makes it more robust. Datalligence aligns the employee goals to the organizational vision and increases focus and priority.
While OKRs drive the performance conversations which enables managers to collaborate and evaluate better. Eliminate bias and promote continuous conversations around performance.

FAQ About Performance Management Software

Performance Management software helps you identify the talent pool inside the organization. Measures and tracks employee performance and help you rate the in the year-end. An ideal performance management system should allow transparency in the reviews between the manager and the employee. This helps in eliminating the bias and rate according to the potential of the employee both technically and behaviourally

The performance management system is used by every single employee of the organization and the process is owned by the Human resource department. Many organizations use a formal performance management system which can be 180 or 360 system. Some organizations follow frameworks like SMART, KPI, and OKRs

Accurate and fair: A very vital requirement for performance management as this will cause attrition and affects employee morale. This also helps in eliminating bias

Compensation planning: Performance management becomes a key indicatory to plan compensation and benefit for an employee

Goal setting: Setting the expectations right is another important component as employee performance is directly linked with the organization’s performance.

Feedback: Feedback makes the process more collaborative and motivates the team to learn from the gaps and motivates the team on positive feedback

  • Set organizational goal
  • Set department and individual objectives
  • Finalize review cycle
  • Design a foolproof feedback mechanism
  • Deploy a continuous performance management
  • A performance management system is one that allows you to create goals and enables alignment to the team and individual objectives.
  • The second most important thing is the capability to initiate 180 and 360-degree reviews
  • A platform that helps you to integrate your feedback and recognition
  • Goal setting with the use of OKRs
  • On-going performance-based conversations
  • Continuous 360 Feedback
  • Recognition of Performance in public
  • Autonomy in creating the objectives
  • Transparent goals

Align, Measure, and Optimize Goals to drive Continuous Business Performance.

  • 14 days free trial
  • No Credit card required
  • 14 days free trial
  • No Credit card required