10 Best Goal Setting Software 🎯 – Free & Paid Tools (Updated for 2022)

Published On: March 11, 2022|Categories: Objective and Key Results|

10 Best Goal Setting Software 🎯 – Free & Paid Tools (Updated for 2022)

Published On: March 11, 2022|
best goal setting software

Do you know a study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals?

Goal setting and tracking are important parameters when we evaluate people and business performance. there have been various methodologies that have been followed for the last few decades that helped to determine employee performance, nevertheless, it is very important to have a goal. Past few years there has been a great shift in the way workforce behavior changed and how they shifted to remote or hybrid models. It becomes very difficult to align them with a common goal and evaluate them. This article will give you more ideas about digitizing the goal-setting process and how to evaluate employee performance in an automated way.

Here are a few guidelines to decide on the best goal setting platforms available and how to operate effectively with them

What is Goal setting software 🎯?

Studies revealed that 90% Of people perform better with relevant and challenging goals.
Everyone thrives in setting goals be it personal or professional goals, but very few offers succeed in achieving them.

It is also highly frustrating if one is not achieving those goals because it’s a constant reminder of our lack of focus or engagement it has an impact both personally and also professionally.

Few goal-setting practices that are around for the last few decades are

  • MBO
  • KPIs
  • SMART Goals
  • OKRs

let’s quickly break down to understand what are these goals setting methods are

Management by objectives(MBO) is called us objective-driven methodology that helps us to track department and organizational objectives

SMART goals are specific measurable attainable realistic and time-bound goals

KPIs are key performance indicators that help us to measure the different key indicators of a business

OKRs are objectives and key results, goal setting methodology that helps to measure team and individual performance along with the business progress

for example, a typical OKR looks like this

Objective 1: Improve hiring effectiveness by Q2
• Key result 1: Improve the quality of hire from XX to YY%
• Key result 2: Decrease first-year churn rate from YY% to XX%
• Key result 3: Increase the Offer acceptance rate by XX

10 Best Goal Setting Software 🎯

1. Datalligence

Datalligence goal setting software

Datalligence performance management tools help organizations measure 180 or 360 performance reviews objectively. Datalligence is built by having employee engagement and increasing productivity in mind. They also integrate with OKRs to identify organization and people performance

Break the myth around performance management and breeze away with the new age goal of Tracking Software. Datalligence. A platform that is robust and tailored for the new generational workforce. Datalligence is built for the organizational level performance as well as team and individual performance

Datalligence, the platform automatically aligns with the organizational performance and tracks goal progress continuously, and breaks away the annual process thus making it a very simple yet powerful tool

Before we start setting the goal let’s make the goal
• Time-bound
• Measurable
• Assign the owner

The rich features make it the most loved Performance management software


Let the world know what you are up to and make some noise by check-in and updating your progress

checkin for goal setting software


Get insights on goal progress and average progress. Get an overview of Department level and individual-level performance.

Insights for goal tracking software

Objective Alignment:

create simple alignment with the company objective to see the big picture

Survey And assessments:

Design surveys and assessments(Pulse,180, and 360) that help you run tailored questionnaires and analyze ratings.

1:1 Meeting :

Initiate meetings and OKR retrospectives in the platform

Custom Notifications:

Decide how you want to handle your notifications

Contextual Help:

Quicker onboarding with the minimal product support

Feedback & Discussion :

Multi-Directional feedback both public or private feedback

feedback for goal setting

Key features of goal setting and advantage

  • Goal setting
  • Objective and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Track progress
  • Team Management
  • Alignment view
  • Hierarchy view
  • Customizable Competency Mapping
  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Performance Reviews
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Feedback


  1. Ease of Use
  2. The tool requires very minimal training
  3. Facilitates 1:1 meetings
  4. Enables discussions and feedback
  5. Rich Insights
  6. Continuous performance management
  7. Contextual help is good
  8. Customer support SLA is very less


  • Adding more reports will help
  • More OKR examples will be more recommended

Datalligence Pricing :

The Goal Setting software has Three pricing plans.

Free for Lifetime:

  • Up to 5 users
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
  • KR Checkin and approvals
  • And More



Everything in Free

  • Annual Goals
  • Create Task
  • Assign Tasks
  • Custom Reports
  • And More



Everything in Initiator

  • Assessment (Pulse/180/360)
  • Performance Management
  • Insights and Dashboards
  • Survey (Pulse/180/360)
  • Learning Management System
  • And More

2. Keka

Goal Setting tool

Keka is the PMS that helps in continuous performance reviews on a real-time basis. Keka goal setting software enables managers and employees to monitor, analyze, track, and evaluate performance.


  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • One-One Meeting
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Public Praise
  • 360 REVIEWS
  • Nominations
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Job Functions and KRA
  • Banding & Calibrations
  • Traditional Goals
  • Modern OKRs
  • Cascaded Goals


  • Keka is easy and is very reliable
  • It has ticketing management for the employees
  • Keka is Affordable Software for HR activities
  • Helpful appraisal process


  • Difficult payroll navigation
  • Not user friendly
  • The UI of the software is not good.

Keka Pricing:

The Goal Setting software has Three pricing plans.


For companies that are just getting started with automation


(up to  employees)


Scaling with advanced automation & employee engagement


(up to  employees)


Align employees in your growth journey and get their best


(up to  employees)

3. Goalscape

Goal Tracking tool

Goalscape is a platform that enables an overview of Goals, Priorities, and Progress. Having an integrated OKR and performance might not be available. Allows you to manage the hierarchy and assign goals and milestones to them

Key Features

  • always keep the overview
  • Track progress visually
  • See priorities clearly
  • Embed images and videos
  • Share online with others
  • Assign persons and tags
  • Search, filter, and highlight
  • Export matching Goal List
  • Build unlimited goal scapes


  • Simple Tool
  • Quicker onboarding
  • Help videos really help


  • Unorthodox user interface

Goalscape Pricing:

The Goal Tracking software has Three pricing plans.


  • Full Unlimited functionality
  • Free for 2 weeks
  • No credit card required


Monthly Plan $ 9.90/mo

  • Always keep the overview
  • Track progress visually
  • See priorities clearly
  • Embed images and videos
  • Share online with others
  • And more


Corporate Cloud

All Unlimited benefits, plus:

  • Dedicated server
  • Corporate branding
  • Custom subdomain
  • Enterprise level security
  • And more

4. Synergita

Goal Management Software

A continuous performance management system also enables is traditional appraisal reviews and continuous feedback practices. facilitate employee engagement, employee development, and performance appraisal process.


• Good software for recognizing and improving the performance
• continuous feedback is good
• simple to use and easily accessible


• Product enhancement is limited
• Reports are not sufficient
• Slow support team response

Synergita Pricing:

The Goal Management Software has Two pricing plans.

Synergita Perform

₹ 50 per employee/month
billed annually

  • Advanced Talent Information
  • SMART Goals & Track Achievements
  • Metrics Import for Goals
  • Performance Reviews / Appraisals
  • Normalization
  • Custom Workflows & Feedback Templates
  • And more

₹ 80 per employee/month
billed annually

  • Synergita Perform
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Promotion Cycle
  • Career Aspirations
  • And more

5. Trakstar

Goal Management Software

Trakstar works along with the team to measure progress and goals. It aligns with the individuals’ goals and company objectives. Track star works well with the employees and the manager.

The progress is tracked by measurements and has a timeline linked to the goal. The tool also allows email notifications

Top Features:

– Manager and employee goals
– Track progress with measurements


  • Ease of use
  • Customer Service is good


  • Very Slow system
  • No Export reports
  • Rated bad on UI
  • Popups are annoying

Trakstar Pricing:

The Goal Management Software has One pricing plan.

Pricing: Starting from $4370.00/year
Free Trial: Available

6. 15Five

goal tracking software

15Five enables employees to measure performance create a growth culture. It has a multifaceted approach to performance reviews. This goal management software combines with OKRs and promotes employee engagement

Top Features:

• Goal setting with OKRs
• OKR chart view
• Naming customization
• Jira & Salesforce Integration
• Data insights


  • Supports micromanaging
  • Ease of use with minimal training
  • Facilitates discussions and 1:1


  • Not Intuitive
  • Process is repetitive
  • career or personal development goals aren’t there

15Five Pricing:

The Goal setting Software has Four pricing plans.

$4/per user per month.
(billed annually)
  • Core engagement survey
  • Topic-based assessments
  • Custom topic-based assessments
  • Filterable heatmap & analytics
  • Historical benchmarks
  • And more
$8/per user per month.
(billed annually)

Everything in Engage, plus…

  • Performance Reviews
  • 360º feedback
  • Competencies
  • Calibration
  • Talent Matrix
  • And more
$8/per user per month.
(billed annually)

Only includes the features listed below…

  • Goal setting with OKRs
  • OKR chart view
  • Naming customization
  • Jira & Salesforce Integration
  • Data insights
  • And more
Total Platform
$14/per user per month.
(billed annually)

Everything in Engage, Perform, and Focus, plus…

  • DPAs and security questionnaires

7. Goals On Track

goal setting software

Goals On Track is a goal setting and management tool built on breaking down every hurdle into SMART goals and a focused action plan.
It provides daily tracking of targets and tasks. Allows you to create milestones and sub-milestones. This platform creates a behavioral change in tracking and being goal-oriented.

Key Features

  • Goal Dashboard
  • Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Progress Tracking
  • Goal Templates
  • Task Management

His goal-tracking tool and habit tracker offers two paid plans:

Goals On Track Pricing:

The Goal setting Software has one pricing plan.

Starting From:
$68.00 /year Per employee

Pricing Model: Flat Rate
Has free trial

8. Lattice

goal management software

Lattice enables project management to 360-degree, easy setup with minimal guidance. Easy interface for both managers and employees. Lattice provides updates, peer feedback, and goals. The customizable solution can be tailored to suit the requirements of the organization.

  • 360°, manager, and peer performance reviews
  • Custom question templates
  • Performance reporting and analytics
  • OKRs and goal tracking and management
  • Customizable goal weighting
  • Goal and OKR analytics
  • Goals and OKR visualizations


  • Communication tracking with remote teams
  • 1:1 can be recorded


  • Very hard to use for small teams
  • Not Flexible
  • Limited features

Lattice Pricing:

The Goal Management Software has one pricing plan.

Free trial not available

$8 person/month

  • OKRs and goal tracking and management
  • Customizable goal weighting
  • Organizational ownership with group goals
  • Goal and OKR analytics
  • And more.

9. Profit. co

goal tracking software

Profit supports in measuring employee performance and also enables employee engagement. Its suite of products enables OKR based performance that helps organizations to measure organization goals and team goals and fosters growth culture.

Key Features

  • Manager + 360° assessments
  • Customizable Question Builder
  • Flexible Competency Mapping
  • Potential assessment
  • Performance heatmap
  • Employee performance 360-degree trend chart
  • Customizable 9 Box matrices
  • Employee Performance Goals


  • Easy to track OKRs, KPIs, and tasks in one go
  • Great support
  • Simple UI
  • Custom KPIs


  • Not intuitive
  • Too many customizable features.
  • overwhelming and difficult to focus

Profit. co Pricing:

The Goal Setting Software has Three pricing plans.

FREE (Up to 5 users)

  • Just getting started with your OKR Journey
  • Part of a team that is still getting used to OKRs
$7/month per user billed annually
  • Convinced that OKRs are at the core of your management methodology
  • Ready to roll out to multiple teams
Custom Pricing Contact Us
  • 100% committed to the OKR centric management methodology
  • Ready to roll out for the entire business

10. Weekdone

goal management software

Weekdone is a goal tracking software that supports OKR performance. Though it may not support employee performance management, it gives an overall picture of the organization, team, and individual performance.

Weekdone key features

  • OKRs and weekly planning
  • Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR)
  • Clear dashboards and progress breakdowns by user
  • True OKR alignment (top-down or bottom-up)
  • Company TV Dashboards and Custom Reports


  • Notes are good
  • Weekly plans are useful
  • Facilitates discussions


  • Features are not rich
  • Doesn’t support continuous performance methods
  • Difficult to manage notifications

Weekdone Pricing:

The Goal Tracking Software has one pricing plan.

Free trial available

$ 3,360 annually for a 40 user package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Datalligence ( Free & Paid)
  2. Keka
  3. Goalscape
  4. Synergita
  5. Trakstar
  6. 15Five
  7. Goals On Track
  8. Lattice
  9. Profit. co
  10. Weekdone
  • Set the goal and write it down – Writing Down the goal is the first step to start. That stays as a constant reminder to the goal
  • Set SMART goals – Set the goal that follows the SMART goal requirements
  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-bound
  • Take action – Act on the set goals
  • Review in regular intervals
  • Celebrate small success

A Goal tracker should have a start and an end date and also have the targets defined. Once this is in place it is easy to track where we are and how much efforts are required to reach the next level.

Any goalsetting tools can help in setting a personal goals. It gets started, a simple excel tracker will help us to plan.

Goal setting for a software engineer helps you to measure his quality deliverables. Every software engineers work with an idea in mind and travel towards delivering this. Using OKR software teams can set ambitious goals and objectives to achieve the expected result and make it measurable. OKRs also enable them to concentrate on devising new strategies to improve product development and software lifestyle management.


For Example,

 Objective: Tech stack optimization by Q1 to achieve the annual goal

Key Result: Identify and analyze the tech stacks by X month

Key Result: Propose and finalize by X month

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