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We welcome partners who would synergise together and help businesses to track and measure their progress through Datalligence OKR software.

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Referral Partnership

Earn and grow by referring people to Datalligence. Anyone who has an aspiration to grow can associate. This program is for Influencers, Coaches and Freelance Sales Consultants

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Consulting Partnership

Datalligence provides OKR coaching and consulting to help their customers to implement OKRs. OKR coaches, Strategic consultants, HR Consultants and Management Consultants can be part of this Partnership.

Why choose a partnership with Datalligence?

Our partners

Apodaca Consulting

Jim Apodaca
Apodaca Consulting is a leading solutions provider in agile transformation and change management. Using OKRs and Scrum, I partner with organizations to develop healthy autonomous delivery teams and mature agile programs.

OKR International

Kenneth Lewis
OKR International is part of Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading consulting & research company specializing in Strategy Planning, OKRs, Culture Transformation and Agile Leadership Development.

OKR Asia

Carsten Ley
Set-up OKRs to focus on top priorities and define clear result measurement. Manage & track OKRs & actions to achieve your results and adapt to new situations & challenges. Align, inspire & empower your teams on OKRs with the right communication and OKR tools