Drive actions into Results

Enhance Decision Intelligence with OKR data šŸ†

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    Drive actions into Results

    Enhance Decision Intelligence with OKR data šŸ†

      • 14 days free trial
      • No Credit card required

      Great PlatformĀ Ā 

      Great platform to bring in focus and alignment of the larger company goals to individual employee objectives. We were able to integrate our OKRs and performance review in one tool. Employees have clarity on how their work adds value to the big picture. Engagement between managers and their teams has gone up which has positively influenced the overall productivity. Very simple and user-friendly interface. Excellent customer support and super-fast query resolution.

      Aarthi Gunnan Rajkumar,
      Associate Director – Global HR

      Aarthi, Associate Director HR - Global at GigSky

      Highly user-friendly interfaceĀ Ā 

      We introduced OKRs to our team to create alignment and increase focus
      With the Datalligence platform, Objective alignment gave us more clarity on our OKRs. Highly user-friendly interface. Their domain expertise helped to solve our OKR queries as their understanding was swift.

      Murugan Babu,
      Senior Vice President – Madras Radiators

      Murugan Babu, Senior Vice President - Madras Radiators And Pressings Ltd Plant 1 Plant 5 Plant 7

      Great platform to integrate OKRs

      Datalligence is a great platform to integrate OKRs and align Company goals to employee objectives. It is a user-friendly and interactive platform. Engagement between the management team and each employee has become more efficient and effective. Using this platform has resulted in growth in productivity. Datalligence OKR platform has an excellent customer support system and an approachable team for a quick resolution. This OKR platform is suitable for small to large-scale corporations.

      Piyush Bhandari,
      Managing Partner – Intuit Management Consultancy

      Piyush Bhandari, Managing Partner - Intuit Management Consultancy

      Effective OKR Tool

      Datalligence has been an effective OKR tool for us at Aqgromalin. It helps us bring focus and alignment to every team’s and every employee’s goals.Dharma, Ramya & their team have been extremely supportive during the implementation, training & during our OKR cycle. Their support was exemplary – from training our OKR champions & HR managers to fixing bugs & adding features, they were always quick to help and solve our problems.The tool is simple & intuitive to use as well. I highly recommend Datalligence to any organization stepping into their OKR journey.

      Sivasubramaniam Sivakumar
      CTO at Aqgromalin

      Sivasubramaniam Sivakumar, CTO at Aqgromalin | Ex-VMware | Security Enthusiast

      Powerful team, behind a powerful platform, within a powerful framework

      The Datalligence team has been critical in getting our OKRs from the lab to the wild. Ramya, Dharma and the whole Datalligence team have been massively helpful in breaking our OKR bad habits, pointing us to utilities and functionalities within the platform, advising as to the appropriate trade-offs in terms of precision and timeliness and utility, all while ensuring that OKRs become Accountimizeā€™s default operating system. Between the clean user experience of the platform, the effective knowledge of the framework from the consultancy staff and the supportive, informative and patient care, weā€™ve been set up for immense success by the Datalligence team. Thank you!.

      Gary Taube CPA, CA

      Gary Taube

      Are you facing the challenges of strategy execution?

      Datalligence is a highly intuitive platform with multiple solutions that measure Results.

      Our Key Value Proposition


      Define metric-driven Objectives and start measuring and aligning your goals


      Key Result specific conversations to Motivate, coach and mentor team constantly in one platform


      Assign Objectives (or) Key Results to team and connect to ensure execution with an ease

      Align and Track Goals

      Define clear objectives and align with your annual goals. Make your execution more focused on OKRs.

      • Align organisational Objectives with team and individual Objectives
      • Track Key Result progress that provide realtime Insights
      • Measure progress seamlessly

      Agile performance management to monitor team which is diverse and virtual. Conversations around performance and continuous feedback management system.

      • Continuous Performance management
      • Create Performance culture
      • Identify right talent and nurture

      Connect and Engage Teams

      A conversation that keeps the teams engaged and connected. Enables upward and downward feedback. Instant recognition that motivates the team.

      • Peer to peer feedback
      • 1:1 Meetings
      • Upward and downward feedback

      OKR management is a well-proven framework that drives organizational performance. OKRs help in alignment and creates transparency across the organization. Creates a performance culture that drives results.

      We can manage OKRs tracking and reviewing them constantly. OKR software helps in tracking the progress of each OKR and allows organizations to make an informed decision. OKR management help in being agile and iterative.

      OKR’s goal is to set the organization and team objectives. We can set the OKRs by

      • Being specific
      • Keeping it simple
      • Measurable
      • Not more than 3 to 5 OKRs

      OKR coaches and customers’ success teams are trained to work on a solution-based approach. They continuously guide and handhold the team in smooth onboarding

      Saas Companies will support its customers continuously. The support team will be available through emails and calls. Customers can create a ticket to clarify their doubts on both technical and functional terms.

      Datalligence will train the team on an ongoing basis and shall support and work along with your organizations OKR champions