Are you looking for the perfect performance management software to elevate your team’s productivity and engagement? Look no further! Today, we’re diving into a detailed comparison between two top contenders in the market: 15Five and Lattice. Whether you’re considering 15Five alternatives or exploring Lattice performance management, this blog will help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore their features, pricing, and why one might be a better fit for your organization than the other. Let’s get started!

15Five vs Lattice

When it comes to performance management software, 15Five and Lattice are two leading options with distinct features and benefits.

15Five offers a user-friendly interface designed for continuous feedback and goal tracking. It focuses on employee engagement through check-ins, pulse surveys, and recognition tools.

On the other hand, Lattice emphasizes performance reviews and goal setting to drive individual growth and development within teams. Its robust analytics provide valuable insights for managers to make data-driven decisions.

Both platforms offer integrations with popular tools like Slack and Google Suite, making them versatile solutions for modern workplaces. Your choice between 15Five vs Lattice will depend on your organization’s specific needs and priorities when it comes to performance management strategies.

15Five Pricing

When it comes to choosing the right performance management software, pricing is a key factor to consider. Let’s delve into the pricing of 15Five and see how it compares to its competitors like Lattice.

15Five offers different pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of various organizations. They have a basic plan starting at an affordable rate for small businesses looking to streamline their performance review process. As you scale up, they offer more advanced features in their higher-tier plans, catering to larger enterprises with more complex requirements.

The transparent pricing structure of 15Five makes it easy for businesses to budget accordingly without any hidden costs or surprises down the line. With flexible options and competitive rates, 15Five provides excellent value for money compared to other performance management software on the market.

When considering performance management software, be sure to weigh not only the cost but also the features and benefits offered by each platform before making your decision.

Lattice Pricing

When considering performance management software, pricing is a crucial factor to take into account. Lattice offers different pricing plans based on the size of your organization and the features you require. Their starting price is competitive, making it accessible for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their performance management processes.

Lattice’s pricing structure is transparent and scalable, allowing organizations to choose a plan that aligns with their specific needs and budget. The platform offers flexibility in terms of customizations and add-ons, giving companies the freedom to tailor their package according to their requirements.

With Lattice, you can expect a fair pricing model that provides value for money by offering a range of features designed to streamline performance evaluations, feedback processes, goal-setting, and more. By investing in Lattice’s solutions, businesses can optimize their performance management strategies effectively while staying within budget constraints.

15Five vs Lattice-Features

When comparing 15Five vs Lattice, it’s essential to dive into the features each platform offers.

15Five focuses on weekly check-ins, goal setting, and performance reviews. Their software emphasizes continuous feedback and recognition among team members.

On the other hand, Lattice provides tools for OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), 360-degree feedback, and employee engagement surveys. The platform is designed to align individual goals with company objectives effectively.

Both platforms offer features like real-time feedback, performance analytics, and integration capabilities with other HR systems.

While 15Five excels in fostering a culture of open communication and employee development through its easy-to-use interface,

Lattice stands out for its robust goal management system that helps organizations track progress towards strategic objectives efficiently.

Why 15Five over Lattice?

Looking for a performance management software that truly puts your team first? 15Five might just be the perfect fit for you.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, 15Five makes it easy to track goals, provide feedback, and foster employee growth. The platform’s emphasis on continuous communication ensures that no valuable insights or concerns go unnoticed.

One standout feature of 15Five is its robust reporting capabilities. Managers can easily access real-time data on individual and team performance, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive business results effectively.

Additionally, 15Five offers customizable review templates and automated reminders, streamlining the performance evaluation process and saving time for both managers and employees alike.

If you prioritize transparent communication, actionable insights, and streamlined performance reviews in your organization, choosing 15Five over Lattice could be a game-changer for your team’s success.

Why Lattice over 15Five?

When comparing Lattice to 15Five, there are distinct reasons why you might prefer Lattice over its competitor.

Lattice offers a well-rounded performance management system that includes goal setting, feedback tools, and performance reviews all in one platform. With an intuitive interface and customizable features, Lattice provides a seamless user experience for both employees and managers.

One standout feature of Lattice is its continuous feedback functionality, allowing for real-time communication and collaboration among team members. This fosters a culture of transparency and growth within the organization.

Moreover, Lattice’s robust analytics capabilities enable companies to track progress towards goals and identify areas for improvement easily. The data-driven insights provided by Lattice can help drive strategic decision-making and enhance overall performance management processes.

If your organization values comprehensive performance management tools with a focus on continuous feedback and analytics-driven insights, then choosing Lattice over 15Five may be the right choice for you.

Why Choose Datalligence Over Other Options?

Take your performance management to the next level? Look no further than Datalligence! In this blog post, we will explore why Datalligence stands out among other options in the market. From pricing and free trials to feedback features and integrations, discover how Datalligence can revolutionize your approach to performance management. Let’s dive in!

Goals & OKRs

OKR view

Setting clear objectives and key results (OKRs) is essential for driving focus and alignment within an organization. By defining specific goals and measurable outcomes, teams can work towards a common purpose with clarity and purpose.

With Datalligence, you can easily create OKRs that are transparent, trackable, and actionable. Whether it’s individual goals or team objectives, our platform allows you to monitor progress in real-time and make adjustments as needed.

By aligning everyone around common objectives, employees understand how their work contributes to the overall success of the company. This not only boosts motivation but also fosters collaboration across departments.

Furthermore, having a structured approach to setting OKRs ensures that priorities are clear and resources are allocated effectively. This helps drive productivity and ultimately leads to better business outcomes for your organization.

Free trial

Curious to explore Datalligence before committing? Our free trial is the perfect opportunity to experience our platform first-hand. Sign up in minutes and gain access to all features with no strings attached. Test our tools, gather insights, and see how Datalligence can elevate your performance management process.

During the trial period, dive into our user-friendly interface and discover how easy it is to set goals, track progress, and drive results. Experiment with different functionalities tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a small team or a large organization, our platform adapts seamlessly to suit your requirements.

Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to witness the power of data-driven decision-making firsthand. Uncover the potential for growth and development within your team through actionable feedback and real-time analytics. Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionize your performance management approach with Datalligence’s free trial!



Feedback is essential for personal and professional growth. At Datalligence, we prioritize providing timely and constructive feedback to help individuals thrive in their roles. Our platform offers a seamless way for employees to give and receive feedback from peers, managers, and even clients.

We understand that feedback should not be limited to annual reviews but should be an ongoing process. With our continuous feedback feature, users can engage in regular conversations about performance, goals, and development areas. This real-time approach ensures that no valuable insights are missed.

Our 360-degree feedback tool allows for comprehensive input from multiple sources to provide a well-rounded view of an individual’s performance. By gathering perspectives from various stakeholders, employees can gain a holistic understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.

At Datalligence, we believe that effective feedback is the cornerstone of personal and organizational success.


Recognition plays a crucial role in motivating employees and boosting morale within an organization. At Datalligence, we understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work and contributions of team members. Our platform offers various features that enable seamless recognition among colleagues.

With our Recognition tool, employees can easily give shoutouts to their peers for a job well done or a significant achievement. This fosters a culture of appreciation and teamwork within the company. Additionally, managers can also acknowledge outstanding performance through personalized messages or virtual rewards.

By incorporating recognition into your performance management strategy, you can create a positive work environment where individuals feel valued and motivated to excel in their roles. Start leveraging the power of recognition with Datalligence today!

Pulse Survey


Looking for a way to gather real-time feedback from your team? Datalligence offers a Pulse Survey feature that allows you to do just that. With this tool, you can quickly create and distribute surveys to capture insights on employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall sentiment within the organization.

Pulse Surveys are designed to be short and concise, making it easy for employees to provide valuable feedback without taking up too much of their time. This agile approach ensures that you stay informed about the pulse of your workforce regularly.

By leveraging Pulse Surveys through Datalligence, you can identify trends, address issues promptly, and make data-driven decisions based on the collective voice of your team members. It’s a powerful tool for fostering transparency, communication, and continuous improvement within your organization.

180 & 360 Feedbacks

180 or 360

When it comes to feedback, 180 and 360-degree feedback are crucial tools for gaining a comprehensive view of an individual’s performance.

In the context of Datalligence, these feedback mechanisms provide a well-rounded assessment by including perspectives from different angles – supervisors, peers, and subordinates. This multi-faceted approach ensures a more holistic understanding of an employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

By incorporating both 180 and 360 feedback into the platform, Datalligence enables organizations to gather valuable insights that can drive meaningful development and growth. Employees receive a well-rounded perspective on their performance, fostering self-awareness and facilitating targeted improvements.

Through the seamless integration of 180 & 360 Feedbacks into its platform, Datalligence empowers organizations to harness the power of comprehensive feedback for driving individual and organizational success.

Objective Alignment


In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring that everyone in the organization is aligned with the company’s objectives is crucial for success. Objective alignment involves cascading goals from top-level management down to individual employees, creating a unified focus and direction.

When objectives are clearly defined and aligned across all levels of the organization, teams can work cohesively towards shared goals. This alignment promotes collaboration, drives performance, and enhances overall productivity.

By establishing clear communication channels and fostering transparency regarding objectives, employees can understand how their individual contributions impact the larger organizational goals. This clarity helps to eliminate silos within departments and encourages cross-functional teamwork.

Effective objective alignment also allows for better tracking of progress towards key results. It enables managers to provide timely feedback and support to ensure that teams stay on track towards achieving their targets.

Objective alignment is a fundamental aspect of successful performance management systems like Datalligence, facilitating a culture of accountability and goal attainment throughout the organization.

Hierarchical Alignment

Hierarchy and Structure

Hierarchical alignment is a key aspect of effective performance management within an organization. It ensures that every level of the hierarchy is working towards the same strategic goals and objectives. By aligning individual goals with team objectives, and team objectives with organizational priorities, hierarchical alignment creates a sense of unity and purpose across all levels.

This alignment helps in fostering transparency, communication, and accountability within the organization. When everyone understands how their work contributes to the overall success of the company, it leads to increased motivation and engagement. Hierarchical alignment also facilitates better decision-making processes as individuals are more aware of how their actions impact others in the organization.

Furthermore, by promoting clear lines of communication up and down the hierarchy, hierarchical alignment enables smoother workflow coordination and collaboration among different teams. This results in improved performance outcomes and organizational success.


When it comes to tracking progress and performance, having access to detailed reports is crucial. Datalligence offers comprehensive reporting features that provide valuable insights into individual and team achievements. These reports offer a clear overview of key metrics, making it easy to identify areas for improvement or celebration.

With customizable report templates, users can tailor the data displayed to suit their specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for high-level summaries or in-depth analytics, Datalligence has you covered. The ability to generate real-time reports allows for quick decision-making and adjustments as needed.

Managers can easily track progress towards objectives and key results through intuitive visualizations and charts. This visibility promotes transparency within teams and fosters a culture of accountability. By leveraging the power of data-driven insights, organizations can drive continuous improvement and achieve greater success.



Datalligence goes beyond just collecting data; it provides valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. With our platform, you can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within your organization’s performance metrics. These insights empower you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, Datalligence transforms raw data into actionable information.

Through our intuitive dashboards and visualizations, you can easily digest complex information at a glance. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your team’s progress towards achieving strategic goals. The real-time nature of the insights offered by Datalligence enables proactive adjustments to strategies based on up-to-date information.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge needed to drive success within your organization effectively. Harness the power of insights with Datalligence and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape!


When it comes to choosing a performance management solution, pricing plays a crucial role. Datalligence offers competitive pricing plans tailored to meet your organization’s needs and budget constraints. With transparent pricing structures and no hidden fees, you can easily select the plan that aligns with your requirements.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Datalligence provides scalable options to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The flexibility in pricing ensures that you get the most value for your investment without compromising on quality or features.

By offering customizable packages and payment options, Datalligence makes it easy for organizations to access advanced performance management tools without breaking the bank. Don’t let cost be a barrier to optimizing your team’s productivity and success; choose Datalligence for affordable yet powerful solutions!   

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