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Top 11 Betterworks Alternatives & Competitors (Free/Paid)

Top 10 Betterworks Alternatives & Competitors (Free/Paid)
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In these fast changing and highly uncertain economic times, it is important to have a more efficient system that ensures improved and effective delivery of results. Betterworks has been a major player in the market, but there are some equally interesting options. In this article, we will analyze some of the best ten alternatives to Betterworks as well as competitors providing elaborate comparisons to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right solution for your organization.

Betterworks is a famous performance management platform with numerous features meant to keep teams focused on their goals. It prioritizes continuous performance management, setting goals, and providing feedback. However, other companies feel that Betterworks does not suitably fit their specific needs or budgets.

Despite its all-inclusive services, Betterworks often charges higher prices than other options which may push beyond what many organizations can afford. Additionally, if your company is just starting out with OKR goal-setting methodology or needs a user-friendly implementation process then Betterworks may not be an ideal choice.

Top 11 Betterworks Alternatives and Competitors

Here, we will delve into 11 alternatives to Betterworks, helping you select the ideal performance management solution for your business.


datalligence- home page

Datalligence is a powerful interactive platform that allows for collaboration in OKR management due to a user-friendly interface and wide customization options. Easy organization, prioritization, and collaboration are enabled by Datalligence making it easier for management. It facilitates team flexibility irrespective of its size since it is integrated with different business models through several integration options. Meanwhile there are all possibilities for an increase of productivity related to features it offers even though there may be a learning curve involved. Regardless the user experience level, Datalligence provides scalable solutions for an efficient ‘OKR Management Tool

Notable Features of Datalligence.AI

Time Tracking
  • Users can make use of time tracking features on Datalligence to record and monitor the duration they spend working on their tasks as well as projects.
  • Through this data, users can generate detailed reports about time, which can help in resource allocation decisions during project analysis.
Goal Setting and OKRs
  • OKRs assist teams in setting goals; hence, their work will be aligned, and they will understand if they have succeeded.
  • These allow teams to create transparent goals within the system while encouraging accountability and collaboration among them.
Document Collaboration
  • Teams can create, edit, and collaborate on documents instantly with Datalligence’s integrated document collaboration features.
  • By directly attaching files to tasks, users can make sure that all relevant data is readily available.
  • By integrating document collaborative features into Datalligence, teams can instantly build up and change documents together.
  • To ensure that each relevant information is on board, direct attachments of files onto tasks by the clients is done.
Agile Project Management
  • Agile Board view by Datalligence, graphically representing tasks and workflow stages, is beneficial to agile teams. 
  • Agile teams can easily implement these approaches for adjusting project priorities and requirements that change from time to time.
Integrations Marketplace
  • Datalligence has a rich marketplace with many integrations. It smoothly integrates with a variety of tools from third parties.
  • When integrated with Datalligence through Google Drive and Slack applications, users can improve their workflow.
Performance Management:
  • This customisable OKR system employed by Datalligence drives goal alignment, transparency, and collaboration, facilitating performance management.
  • Goal progress can be followed using Datalligence. It offers a unified view to assess individual and team performance.
 OKR Retrospective:
  • Datalligence supports the process of OKR retrospective meetings by providing tools for reflection and analysis on previous OKRs.
  • Users have access to embedded reporting functions. These are helpful in reviewing OKR trends on identifying areas that need improvement, or deciding on future goals setting.
Performance Review:
  • By providing performance reviews with customizable cycles, organizations are able to customize the process so that it meets their unique needs and timelines.
  • Furthermore they offer 360-degree feedback for detailed evaluation of achievements. In this case managers’ subordinates coworkers all contribute.
 Pros of Datalligence
  1. Users are able to customize their workflows in a way that suits their needs. 
  2. A more efficient workflow is realized when the software seamlessly integrates with third-party tools.
  3. Real-time collaboration features allow for teamwork and communication among team members.
  4. Anyone can easily use Datalligence whether they have prior experience or not, thanks to its user-friendly design.
Cons of Datalligence

Datalligence’s offline functionality is somewhat limited, impacting users without consistent internet access.

Pricing of Datalligence

Datalligence offers its users a free plan for 14 days. For more advanced features, users can opt for Goals and OKR, which start at $3$ per user per month, and then their Performance+ plan starts at $4$ per user. For more information about their enterprise, contact the Datalligence sales team.


Leapsome home page

Leapsome has all people management activities covered through modules such as performance management, employee engagement, learning management and strategic alignment. The platform also facilitates a real-time feedback culture, drives effective meetings, optimizes performance reviews, and manages goals and OKRs.

In addition to enabling constructive feedback via performance and 360-degree reviews; it provides customizable templates for performance as well as project reviews; individual goal setting & alignment with company objectives. More importantly, however, it offers capabilities for driving ongoing employee development while increasing worker involvement in the process of achieving the organizational set goals.

Leapsome Pricing

Contact Leapsome for pricing details.


thrivesparrow home page

ThriveSparrow is an excellent alternative to Betterworks that focuses on elevating employee engagement and fostering peer-to-peer recognition. This performance management platform empowers your team by providing purpose, which ultimately leads to growth and improved performance.

With ThriveSparrow, you can create and share employee engagement and pulse surveys quickly using research-backed question banks. These surveys allow you to assess employee sentiment, act on their feedback, and create tailored plans to boost individual performance. The platform also offers features like engagement heatmaps to identify areas of improvement and team analytics to empower managers with dynamic reports.

ThriveSparrow integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Slack and Google Workspace, streamlining workflows and enhancing employee engagement. Additionally, the platform encourages a culture of recognition by allowing employees to award each other Kudos points that can be redeemed for rewards.

ThriveSparrow Pricing

ThriveSparrow pricing starts at $2 per user/month, $3 per user/month and for more information, Contact their sales team.


Lattice is a comprehensive people management platform that seamlessly integrates various tools, workflows, and insights to help organizations develop engaged and high-performing employees within a thriving culture. With a global customer base exceeding 5,000 organizations, including Slack, Cruise, and Reddit, Lattice has proven its effectiveness as a noteworthy Betterworks alternative.

Lattice offers a robust performance management solution that adapts to your review cycles with intuitive dashboards, customizable templates, automated workflows, and rules. The platform empowers managers to conduct more effective one-on-one meetings with customizable meeting agendas and provides context panels to enhance review quality. Lattice also seamlessly integrates with collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing for easy acknowledgment and celebration of achievements.

Lattice Pricing: 

Lattice offers various pricing plans, including Performance Management + OKRs & Goals for $11 per user/month and Engagement and Grow plans starting at $4 per user/month. For more information, contact their sales team.



BambooHR offers an integrated and streamlined experience that eliminates inefficiencies, providing you with an all-in-one solution for HR management. With BambooHR, you can automate key functions, tasks, and integrations while accessing a centralized data source.

BambooHR simplifies performance management through features like detailed assessments, customizable performance reviews, automated reminders, and goal status reports. The platform enables you to track employee strengths, schedule reviews, and stay updated with goal notifications. BambooHR’s goal planning and engagement features help increase alignment on priorities, goals, and success metrics.

Bamboo HR Pricing

Contact BambooHR for pricing details.



15Five is a performance management software that excels at continuous employee engagement, making it an ideal alternative to Betterworks. The platform promotes collaboration among employees and enables effective management of remote teams, driving the business forward.

With 15Five, you can set up review cycles quickly and easily with guidance, templates, and customizations. The platform uses research-backed algorithms to standardize performance criteria, simplifies rewards structures, and provides a career hub for exploring roles and competencies. 15Five’s focus on continuous feedback and communication helps establish a culture of high performance.

15 Five Pricing

15Five offers three pricing plans, Engage ($4/user/month), Perform ($10/user/month) and for more information, Contact their Sales team.



Synergita is an all-encompassing performance management platform that specializes in employee recognition, development, goal management, and performance assessment. The platform empowers organizations to manage performance effectively, nurture employee growth, and align individual goals with company objectives.

Synergita offers a matrix hierarchy for goal management, a mobile app for easy goal tracking, AI-powered sentiment analysis for deeper feedback insights, and 360-degree feedback for transparent employee evaluations. The platform also supports upward feedback, allowing employees to give open and anonymous feedback to top leaders.

Synergita Pricing

Contact their sales team for more information.



Keka is a cloud-based HR solution designed to effectively manage various aspects of your workforce. With Keka, you can handle staff profiles, monitor attendance, streamline recruitment processes, and analyze performance.

Keka’s one-on-one meeting tool allows you to track each employee’s progress and discuss issues individually, automatically updating meetings onto your calendar. The platform also enables continuous feedback, OKR management, and transparent feedback through peer nominations. With Keka, you can optimize performance management and foster a culture of open communication.

Keka Pricing 

The Keka plan starts at ₹6,999/month (up to 100 employees) and ₹9,999/month (up to 100 employees), and for more information, contact their sales team. is a continuous performance management software that takes a data-driven approach to streamline workflows and empower employee growth. The platform allows you to create Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) at all levels of your organization, ensuring alignment and driving success.

Profit offers comprehensive feedback features, 360-degree feedback for transparent evaluations, real-time reports for actionable insights, and tools to identify and nurture leaders within your organization. With Profit, you can effectively track performance, set goals, and make informed decisions to drive success. Pricing

Contact their sales team for more information



AssessTeam is a performance management software that enables businesses to assess, analyze, and evaluate team performance effectively. The platform supports multiple evaluation methods, including top-down assessments, 360-degree feedback, real-time feedback, project productivity evaluations, and 30-60-90 evaluations.

AssessTeam’s simplified performance evaluation process includes thousands of preconfigured performance indicators, real-time productivity analysis, streamlined time-tracking, and easy evaluations through tracking reports. The platform helps managers visualize and schedule performance evaluations as needed.

AssessTeam Pricing

AssessTeam Pricing starts from ₹216 Per Month – Per Person, their Premium plan starts from ₹288 Per Month – Per Person and for more information, Contact their sales team.


Cornerstone home page

Cornerstone is a talent experience platform designed to help organizations drive internal mobility and shape workforce agility. The platform offers various performance management features, including skill graphs, observation checklists, smart feedback and check-ins, and data and dashboards for talent strategies.

Cornerstone’s skill graphs help identify skill gaps, while observation checklists provide real-time skill assessment. The platform also promotes a culture of feedback and recognition through smart feedback features and enables data-driven decisions with powerful filters and analytics.

Corner Stone Pricing

Contact Cornerstone for pricing details.


When it comes to performance management, finding the right solution for your organization is crucial. The top 11 Betterworks alternatives and competitors mentioned in this guide offer a wide range of features and functionalities to help you drive employee engagement, set goals, track performance, and foster a culture of high performance.

Whether you choose ThriveSparrow, Lattice, or any other alternative, make sure to consider your specific needs, budget, and company size. By selecting the perfect performance management software, you can enhance your team’s productivity, nurture employee growth, and drive success in your organization.

At Datalligence.AI, we understand the importance of performance management and offer AI-powered solutions to drive employee engagement, set goals, and track performance effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how our platform can revolutionize your performance management process.

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