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Table of Contents

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) it is a goal-setting framework that helps the organization create alignment toward the organizational goal. Frameworks like OKRs measure the strategy execution and help us to understand the gap between the strategy and execution. 

What is okr ? 

Objectives and Key results measure the destination (What) and the metrics or initiatives (How) to reach there.  

I know we now got tired of hearing the statement post-pandemic or the new normal let me promise that we are not going to discuss anything of that sort in this article. Nevertheless, the pandemic has given a paradigm shift in the way we work and the workplace is defined. The workplace has become dynamic at the same time hybrid, office as well as remote. 

Managing a remote workforce is not something that we have been trained to do all these years. Since the way we operate has changed the way we work has also evolved along with that. The traditional method of discussions and meetings is no longer valid in today’s context 

Meetings have gone online as well as offline. Meeting the team online and making them understand the corporate goal and vision has become a major challenge to all managers. Managers are not expecting this or even trained on the best practices. 

Leaders are constantly innovating to ensure the team is aligned and collaborative to achieve a common goal. Achieving a common goal is one challenge and keeping the team focused is another. 


The role of OKRs in collaboration 

OKRs have been around for more than 2 decades and have proven their efficiency and have helped organizations grow by 10x. since okay RSA transparent framework team can understand what their core purpose is all about. 

OKRs create clear communication and the team has visibility towards where they are traveling. Even if there are surprises and miscommunications since the framework is agile we can continuously course correct it. 

OKRs enable teams to set their objective autonomously which helps align with the organizational objective. Since the objectives are set by the individuals or the team themselves there is increased ownership and the ownership naturally enables collaboration. 

The higher the collaboration is more the success towards the goal achievement. The team supports each other to ensure that they deliver each other targets. They align toward a common goal and work together in achieving them. 

OKRs promote frequent check-in meetings that give room for open discussion and conversation about the objective set. The open culture enables trust within the team and trust in turn increases collaboration.