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What are OKR software systems & How they enable business outcome?

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Many industries have been striving to fight the challenge posed by global challenge of operating virtually. While the challenge is the same for all, their intensity and effects due to it do vary. Owing to the recent changes in the way organizations operate, there is a definite need to measure business outcomes. While companies do have appraisal systems and processes, it is important to have tools and drivers to manage and control the process. This will ensure course correction wherever necessary and ensure business outcomes are measured quantitatively leaving negligible room for any biases.

Why is there so much buzz about OKR?

• OKR is a simple framework to achieve goals with a focus on what matters most.

• A cultural artefact to ensure that your employees make measurable contributions that are aligned with organizational goals.

• An impact-driven practice to translate the company’s mission into meaningful, functional objectives.

OKRs drive efficiency and are easy to adopt. With the growing popularity of OKRs based performance management system today in the IT sector specifically, it is crucial decision while making the choice of an OKR system that supports your organization’s vision and mission.

Benefits of having an OKR software 

While your process governs the functioning, the tool will enable transactional and quantitative measurement

  • It allows for transparency across levels
  • Cross-team goals are defined and deliverable mapped
  • Overall organizational goals are cascaded
  • It makes employees feel responsible and take ownership as they are able to see the dependency of other team members on them and the impact of their deliverable
  • It gives a sense of achievement when employees receive acknowledgement for their hard work
  • It allows room for conversational and reverse feedback between managers and subordinates

OKR softwares are strong enablers of a robust and transparent appraisal system in an organization and hence the onus of choosing the right OKR software system is crucial

The most important factor that defines good OKR software is that it should Align & Break Silos. OKR software that allows your teams to row in the same direction by connecting & aligning vertically and cross-functionally is best suitable for your organization.

The OKR software allows you to Converse on Outcomes with Check-ins. An OKR software enable to update periodic progress, capture powerful notes from check- in meetings and focus on outcome based conversations rather than just noting down tasks. Furthermore, they allow you to uncover risks before they blow up. You are always updated with the progress check with real time insights. In fact, with interactive dashboard & intuitive predictors, you can focus on the critical issues & take a sneak peek into the future without much ado.

Our OKR software system allows for all of the aforementioned and to top it all, we integrate with Ease. We are more than just OKR software, our experts guide you to implement right.

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