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12 Best Goal-Setting Software for 2024

12 Best Goal Setting Software for 2023
Table of Contents

As we enter a new year, it’s time to set new goals and strive for success. However, setting and achieving goals can be challenging without the right tools and strategies in place. That’s where goal-setting software comes in. These digital solutions are designed to help you identify, plan, and work towards your goals effectively. In this article, we will explore the 12 best goal-setting software tools for 2024. Whether you’re an individual looking to track personal goals or a team leader seeking to align objectives, these tools will provide the support you need to achieve your goals with ease.

Why Goal-Setting Software is Essential

Goal-setting software offers numerous benefits that can enhance your productivity, accountability, and overall success. Here are a few reasons why incorporating goal-setting software into your routine is essential:

  • Increased Focus and Motivation: Goal-setting software keeps your objectives at the forefront of your mind, helping you stay focused and motivated.
  • Improved Planning and Organization: With goal-setting software, you can break down your goals into manageable tasks, create timelines, and set deadlines for each milestone.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Many goal-setting software tools offer features that enable teams to collaborate, track progress, and communicate effectively, fostering a culture of accountability and teamwork.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Progress Monitoring: Goal-setting software provides real-time updates on your progress, allowing you to make adjustments and stay on track toward achieving your goals.

Now that we understand the importance of goal-setting software, let’s explore the 11 best tools available in 2024.


Datalligence emerges as a game-changer in the realm of performance management, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to seamlessly implement and track Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Suited for businesses of all sizes, Datalligence empowers teams to align their efforts, monitor progress, and drive continuous improvement. With an intuitive interface and robust features, Datalligence is designed to elevate organizational success through effective goal-setting and performance optimization.

Notable Key Features of Datalligence

Goal Setting and Tracking

Be specific

  1. Strategic Objective Definition:
    • Craft and articulate strategic objectives that align seamlessly with the overarching goals of your company.
    • Ensure clarity by breaking down objectives into measurable and achievable key results.
  2. Alignment Visualization:
    • Foster organizational alignment by visually connecting objectives from top-level leadership down to individual teams.
    • Guarantee every team member comprehends how their contributions fit into the broader company strategy.
  3. Real-time Progress Monitoring:
    • Utilize intuitive and customizable dashboards for tracking progress in real-time.
    • Gain insights into completed key results, monitor ongoing initiatives, and quickly identify areas requiring attention.

Collaboration and Communication

1. Interactive Collaboration Platform:

  • Encourage collaboration through interactive tools facilitating updates, comments, and feedback.
  • Cultivate a transparent and accountable culture by fostering communication among team members.

2. Performance Analytics for Continuous Improvement:

  • Access robust analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your OKR strategy.
  • Identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement based on data-driven insights.

3. Customizable Workspaces for Personalized Experience:

  • Tailor Datalligence to fit your organizational structure and unique needs.
  • Enhance user experience by creating custom workspaces for different teams or departments.

Integration and Connectivity

1. Seamless Integration Capabilities:

  • Integrate Datalligence seamlessly with other popular tools and platforms.
  • Streamline workflows by connecting with project management, communication, and analytics tools.

2. Individualized and Team Dashboards

Performance Management Insights

  • Provide team members with personalized dashboards for tracking individual contributions.
  • Empower team leaders to oversee team progress at a glance.

3. Automated Check-ins for Efficiency:

  • Set up automated check-ins to gather regular updates on key results and project statuses.
  • Streamline communication and reduce the need for manual progress reporting.

Organization and Communication

360-degree feedback

1. Goal History Preservation:

  • Maintain a historical record of past goals and achievements.
  • Archive completed objectives to declutter current views while preserving historical data.

2. Proactive Notifications and Alerts:

  • Stay informed with customizable notifications and alerts.
  • Receive updates on goal progress, upcoming deadlines, and important milestones.

3. Comprehensive User Training and Support:

  • Access comprehensive training resources for effective onboarding.
  • Benefit from responsive customer support to address any queries or issues promptly.

Recognition and User Experience

1. Facilitating Continuous Improvement:

  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement with tools for providing feedback.
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements to motivate teams and individuals.

2. Security and Permissions Management:

  • Ensure data security through robust access controls and permissions.
  • Define roles and permissions to control who can view, edit, or manage OKRs.

OKR Templates

Datalligence offers an outstanding kickstart for your OKRs with its dedicated OKR goal Template. This template not only presents a predefined OKR framework but also provides interactive workspaces, enabling a swift and effortless initiation into planning your OKRs effectively.


Weekdone: Empower Your Team with OKR Tracking


Weekdone is an excellent goal-setting okr software for small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement and use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). With Weekdone, managers and employees gain access to a top-notch OKR tracking and goals management solution. The software aims to align your company and create actionable plans that deliver real results.

Key Features of Weekdone

  • Linking: Align company and team objectives with key results, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Hierarchy View: Easily visualize your company’s OKRs and their alignment across the entire organization.
  • Progress Dashboard: Monitor team and individual progress with comprehensive statistics about objectives and key results.

Weekdone Pricing Plan 

Contact the Weekdone Sales team for more information.

BetterWorks: Close the Loop Between People, Strategy, and Results


BetterWorks is a powerful goal-setting software designed for global enterprises with large teams. It offers performance management and goal-setting tools to align your organization and set it up for long-term success. Many renowned companies, including Hulu, Kroger, and FedEx, rely on BetterWorks for its performance management and OKR software.

Key Features of Betterworks

  • Performance Management: Drive better performance with continuous coaching, feedback, and recognition.
  • OKRs and Goals: Align your entire workforce and provide clarity around top priorities.
  • Employee Engagement: Build trust and collect feedback to foster a positive and engaged work environment.

Betterworks Pricing Plan

Contact Betterworks sales team for more information.

15Five: Holistic Performance and Engagement for HR Teams


15Five is a comprehensive performance and engagement solution designed specifically for modern human resources leaders. If you’re looking for an effective goal-tracking software tailored to your HR team’s needs, 15Five is an excellent choice.

Key Features of 15Five

  • Performance Management: Track team performance and monitor trends over time.
  • OKRs: Maintain goal alignment and ensure everyone focuses on the organization’s objectives.
  • Employee Engagement: Gather insights into employee engagement and monitor trends over time.

15Five Pricing Plan

15Five pricing plan starts from $4 per user/month and for more information Contact their sales team.

Goalscape: Visualize Your Goals and Progress


Goalscape is a goal management software known for its powerful visual format. It provides a clear overview of your team’s goals and progress, helping you stay on track and achieve your desired outcomes.

Key Features of Goalscape

  • Visual Goal Structure: Get a comprehensive view of your team’s goals and progress.
  • Set Priorities: Represent the importance of each goal by adjusting its size and shading to reflect progress.
  • Contextualizing Goals: Assign responsibilities, add tags, and include background information to provide context.

Goalscape Pricing Plan

Goalscape plan starts at $8.25 per user/month and for more information, Contact the Goalscape Sales team.

ClickUp: The All-in-One Solution for Goal Tracking

Clickup Home Page

ClickUp is a powerful productivity platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for individuals and teams. With its extensive set of features, including OKR goal setting, time-tracking analytics, task management, and collaboration tools, ClickUp is an excellent choice for managing and tracking your goals. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a large enterprise, ClickUp’s user-friendly interface and integrations with other tools make it easy to stay organized and focused on your goals.

Key Features of ClickUp

  • Goal-setting: Set and track your goals with high-level objectives, actionable tasks, measurable targets, and timelines.
  • Habit-tracking: Monitor your daily habits through recurring tasks and progress monitoring.
  • Tasks: Create, assign, and organize tasks with due dates, descriptions, attachments, and subtasks.
  • Prioritization: Customize priority levels and task statuses to stay focused on what matters most.
  • Time-blocking: Block time on your calendar for tasks, habits, and events with time estimates, due dates, sub-tasks, and dependencies.
  • Time-tracking: Track the time you spend on tasks to analyze productivity and make data-driven decisions.

Clickup Pricing Plan

ClickUp paid plans start at $ 7 per user/month and for more information, contact their Sales Team

Friday: Empower Your Remote and Hybrid Teams

Friday is an app designed to help remote and hybrid managers create a digital HQ for their teams. It offers management tips, productivity tools, and hacks to help teams shorten their work weeks and reclaim their Fridays.

Key Features of Friday

  • Communication: Share company-wide news and announcements to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Culture: Recognize achievements and celebrate milestones remotely.
  • Directory: Get to know all team members and their interests using Friday’s directory feature.

Friday Pricing Plan

Contact the Friday Sales Team for more information.

Engagedly: Monitor Engagement and Goals


Engagedly is a popular business goal-tracking software that promotes performance execution, development, and growth for all team members. It provides tools to execute performance reviews, enable goal alignment, and foster employee development.

Key Features of Engagedly

  • Performance Reviews: Gain insight into employee performance through comprehensive reviews and assessments.
  • OKR and Goal Alignment: Align business objectives with employee objectives to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.
  • Online Learning: Encourage employee development and a growth mindset with online learning resources.

Engagedly Pricing Plan

Engagedly basic plan starts from $9 per user/month and for more information Contact their sales team.

Lattice: People-Focused Goal Setting


Lattice is a goal-setting software that prioritizes people and creates an employee-centered company culture. It improves team performance through clear goal-setting, regular reviews, 1:1 meetings, feedback, and status updates. Additionally, it boosts engagement with pulse surveys and employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS).

Key Features of Lattice

  • Performance Management: Conduct performance reviews and provide feedback through productive 1:1 meetings.
  • OKRs and Goals: Set transparent objectives and monitor progress over time.
  • Analytics: Gain valuable people insights and turn them into action.

Lattice Pricing Plan

Lattice pricing starts at $4 per user/month, and for more information contact their Sales team.

Trakstar: Performance Software for HR and Recruiting Professionals


Trakstar is not just a goal-setting tool; it’s a comprehensive employee performance software designed to attract, retain, and engage top-notch employees. With features like SMART goal-setting and continuous employee feedback, Trakstar helps businesses build a high-performing workforce.

Key Features of Trakstar

  • SMART Goal-Setting: Set specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-bound goals.
  • Continuous Employee Feedback: Provide ongoing insights and direction to support employee growth.
  • HR Appraisal: Conduct in-depth appraisals and provide real-time feedback.

Trakstar Pricing Plan

Contact Trakstar their sales team

Asana: Free Goal Tracking for Teams