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What is employee engagement in HR (Human Resources)?

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Do you know a highly Engaged Workforce Increases Profitability by 21%?

Happier employees are highly productive, and happiness comes only if they are engaged.

Creating an employee experience is the new normal. HR departments work on great innovative strategies that help them to increase employee engagement.

eNPS is administered to measure employee engagement and the HR department thrives on increasing the score every day.

With the right tools and initiatives, it can be implemented successfully across organizations. In this article, let us understand a few initiatives and tips to select the right software for employee engagement.

Employee engagement is an important parameter for all organizations. Recently with the pandemic and the great resignations happening, there is a necessity to understand why it is important and how it contributes to organizational growth. Creating engagement is everyone’s responsibility along with the managers and the team members.

What is employee engagement?

This is a question that many ask because engagement is not the same for all employees. The level and experience of employee engagement vary from person to person.

The journey starts from the day an employee joins the organization and throughout the tenure, one serves an organization.

Employee engagement can be seen and measured in the enthusiasm and dedication a person has toward their job responsibilities. Employee engagement also increases productivity and retention

Why is employee engagement important?

The HR department must own the engagement as they as charge of the strategies that are put in place to increase employee engagement.

Though the strategies are defined by the HR department the execution takes place as a team. Engagement does not happen unless there is positive work culture, or a manager is aligned toward increasing employee engagement.

Engaging an employee is also interlinked with the organization’s culture, hence the importance of the HR department is high in employee engagement.


Employee engagement statistics

There are plenty of data that supports the need for focusing on