10 Best OKR Tools in 2022

Published On: November 29, 2021|Categories: Objective and Key Results|

10 Best OKR Tools in 2022

Published On: November 29, 2021|
Best OKR software-Datalligence

What is OKR?

Objective and Key Results are shortly known as OKRs.
Long story short, Peter Drucker designed MBO or Management by Objectives. Later In 1968, Andrew Grove co-founded Intel and was a great fan of MBO. He brought MBO into the OKR framework that is well known today by business leaders. Companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, etc follow OKR Framework for their strategy execution.

a) Objective helps us to define our destination

b) Key Results help us to get to our destination

Goal setting software

What is the OKR tool?

John Doerr popularised OKR and he introduced it to Google. OKRs help organizations to drive strategy and minimize the gap between the strategy and the execution. OKR tools help organizations to align, track and measure business performance. OKR tools help you create Departmental and Individual objectives to align with the overall company objective. OKR tools promote communication and it tracks the progress of the objective and gives clear insight on how and where the organization objective is traveling. Help organizations in analyzing the gaps and record the best practices

The 10 Best OKR Tools in 2022

1: Datalligence


About – Align, Measure, and Optimize Goals to drive Continuous Business Performance

Datalligence OKRs tool work towards Increasing and measuring the outcome of your business by Connecting and engaging the workforce seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface helps you adapt OKRs quickly. We can track objectives, Individual performance, and team performance. Its integrated Conversation, feedback, and recognition(CFR) Module enables conversations around Key results and enables feedback(Public/Private). Datalligence OKR coaches are available constantly for quick and easy onboarding and adaptation

Key Features :

  • Goal module
  • Conversation, feedback and recognition(CFR) Module
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Insights
  • Survey and assessment
  • Task Management
  • Performance Rating and reviews
  • Learning management system

Datalligence is the most searched and highly preferred OKR Tool. It is not just another OKR Tool, it is a platform that brings change.

A. OKR Tracking

Track OKR progresses continuously for both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Assign priority to objectives to measure what matters to business

best okr tool

  • Track and measure progress regularly
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Create accountability and transparency.

B. Connect and engage

Datalligence OKR Platform drives engagement. It constantly allows users to have real-time feedback on the OKR performance.

Super cool features which allow you to onboard right away.

Initiate conversations specific to Key results can be initiated to ensure feedback and gaps are analyzed.

  • Increased motivation.
  • Accelerate performance.
  • Increase productivity and engagement.
  • Decreased employee turnover.

C. OKR Alignment

OKR alignment gives a clear view of how the objectives are performing and what measures we can take to ensure that there is no gap or work towards minimizing the gap.

okr alignment

The organization alignment tree displays the objective alignment and progress.

  • Align and connect teams to organizational goals
  • Set clear direction to every individual
  • Increase productivity through focus and priority.

D. Tree View

While the OKR alignment gives us organization-level performance, the Tree view provides people-wise performance. Managers can analyze the team performance and can work towards aligning to the organizational goal.

okr tools

  • Identifying improvements required
  • Team efficiency
  • Goal performance evaluation
  • Motivate and Rebalance your teams


  • Freemium – 5 users lifetime free
  • Initiator – $3/month, per user
  • Successor – $7/month, per user

2: Betterworks

OKR Tool - Betterworks

About – Performance management and goal-setting solutions designed to align the global enterprise

Betterworks focuses on enterprise solutions, aligns the entire organization with transparency, and creates engagement. It enables performance


  • Engage – 3 users lifetime free
  • The Premium plan costs $10.00/user, per month

3: Koan

OKR Platform

About – Achieve your goals through simple, positive habits

Koan combines the power of reflection with a data-driven OKR Tool so that your team stays motivated, happy, and moving in the same direction


  • Free – Lifetime free
  • Pro plan costs $7.50/user, per month

4: Profit. co

Best okr tool - profit

About – OKR Tool that helps you execute your strategy

Profit lets you bridge your strategy-execution gap and provides Agile alignment, Faster adaptation, and execution

Key Features:

  • Dashboards
  • On-going performance tracking
  • Assessments
  • Performance Mangement
  • Goal management
  • Progress tracking
  • Employee Recognition
  • KPI monitoring
  • Task management


  • Launch – 5 users lifetime free
  • Growth – $7/month, per user

5: Perdoo

Best OKR Platform

About – Execute strategy and accelerate growth with OKRs, KPIs, and Perdoo

Perdoo help measure the strategy and measures people involved in the strategy. Perdoo has OKR coaches to help adaptation

Key Features:

  • Alignment map
  • Success surveys
  • Engagement reports
  • OKR reviews
  • OKR setting and tracking
  • OKR visualizations
  • Goal alignment
  • Performance Reports


  • Starter – 10 users lifetime free
  • The Premium plan costs $7.60/user, per month

6: Weekdone

OKR System

About OKR Platform and coaching to ensure a results-driven company culture.

Weekdone measures weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans aligned with the objective. Their core focus is on Startups and SMBs.

  • Objectives & Key Results
  •  Initiatives, Hierarchy, & Linking
  •  OKR Reports
  •  OKR Coaching & Onboarding


  • Starter – 3 users lifetime free
  • The Premium plan costs $8.40/user, per month

7: Simple OKR

OKR System

Simple OKR drives business performance by aligning teams through measurable objectives. It is a goal management software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Features:

8: Workboard

Best Okr system

About – OKRs that Clarify, Inspire, and Motivate

Workboard is an enterprise OKR Tool, It tracks from Vision to individual OKRs. OKR coaching services and certification program is available


  • Goals
  • Alignment
  • Cascade plan
  • KPIs
  • Feedback


  • Teams – At $20 per user, per month
  • Enterprise – At $50 per user, per month

9. Unlock: OKR

best okr tool in 2022

About – Best OKR PLatform for Startups, Mid-size & Enterprise companies

Unlock: OKR  Build a culture where teams and organizations achieve ambitious goals with Unlock: OKR Tools


  • Strategic Goals and OKRs
  • Alignment and Transparency
  • Dashboards & Insights
  • OKR Rhythms


  • $6/month per employee
  • 100 people in your account, you’ll pay $7200 each year.

10. Workboard

About – OKRs that Clarify, Inspire, and Motivate

Workboard, objectives Key Results, and OKR Tools keep teams connected, aligned, and moving toward results.


  • Teams localize OKRs
  • OKRs, alignment
  • Quarterly key results


Talk to our experts to more about the OKR Platform. Pick the Best OKR Tool that is best suited to your organization. Goal setting is an important aspect of a business and we can help you by sharing more content on OKR. Write to us or subscribe to us for more OKR content.

Set the goal before you start, success follows, All the best!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Datalligence (free for lifetime)
  • Perdoo
  • Engagedly
  • SimpleOKR
  • Weekdone
  • Profit
  • Koan
OKR tools work best when implemented right and help organizations to align, track and measure business performance. OKR tools help you create Departmental and Individual objectives to align with the overall company objective. The best OKR tools initiate and continuously manage communication between teams. It connects and engages teams constantly. OKR is a proven framework that has been adopted by companies like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, etc.
OKR Tools drive business performance and it is essential to have a tool that helps you to
measure the performance constantly and shares real-time insights. While selecting OKR tools
it is highly important to check it’s easy to use and the OKRs can be created with ease. A tool
that helps in alignment and increases focus would of the best choice. The below mentioned
additional features will help you to measure OKRs clearly
3.180 and 360 Assessment
4.Pulse survey
OKR tool helps you to stay on top of your priorities. Post pandemic we saw a paradigm shift in the workplace and workforce. Teams that started with OKRs were able to constantly align with the organizational performance and help us measure the team and individual progress constantly. OKR tools also help you to initiate retrospective meetings that help in tracking the gaps and capitalizing on the learnings in the upcoming quarter
Objectives and Key Results(OKR) is a goal-setting platform and they help the organization to measure and accelerate business performance. OKRs are originally designed by Andy Grove in Intel and later introduced to Google by John Doerr. OKR tracking tools help organizations to set their goals and track their performance continuously. The gap between the strategy and the execution is reduced by deploying OKR tools
OKRs help organizations to measure business performance, there are free tools available to get started with OKRs but mostly limited to a few users. It is good to start with a free trial and then scale up step by step.
Datalligence OKR tool help organization in setting started quickly with minimal guidance. a proven tool that has increased employee engagement and supports increasing productivity. Datalligence OKR tool has rich Insights and employee connections. It facilitates the team to conduct 1:1 meetings and initiate feedback.