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Increase Productivity with Tech enabled recognition and feedback

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Brain and recognitions

Do you know that the dopamine, the “reward neurotransmitters”, are heavily affected from feelings of gratitude? According to Alex Korb, Ph.D, Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle. This has a positive effect in the workplace and in the employee’s work-life balance. Recognitions and positive feedbacks increase wellness, increase better sleep habits, increase metabolism and lessen stress and hence contribute to high productivity. A simple act of kindness activates the hypothalamus, and thereby regulates all bodily mechanism, out of which sleep is a vital one.
Isn’t this extremely exhilarating, a simple action can give us an instant result.


Increase productivity by CFR (Conversations, Feedback and Recognition)

Feedbacks and recognitions are the simplest and yet powerful methods to productivity.
According to John Doerr, from the book “Measure what Matters“, CFR (Conversations, Feedback and Recognition) are the three elements, along with OKRs, are foundational to the process of Continuous Performance Management. CFRs can keep employees motivated to achieve today’s goals and to develop their skills to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
Do you know? Recognitions help companies to likely increase engagement by 48% and peer-to-peer recognition programs are more likely to lower turnover by 35%. Isn’t these being the goal of any organisation? So, a simple method solves the very important business problem.

Integrated Recognitions

While you have the best OKR tools & Performance Management Software to keep the feedback and recognition culture on, need of the hour would be to have an integrated solution to decrease assumptions and ambiguity, which keeps the conversations around the performance and also keeps the recognition & feedback around it. A conversational AI that facilitates the CFR will be the answer to the question, and it increases higher engagement level and job satisfaction.


With organisations mostly virtual and spread in different geographies, it is essential for us to keep the team upbeat, write to us, to know more on CFR around performance management system.

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