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15 Best OKR Tools in 2023

15 Best OKR Tools in 2023
Table of Contents

The digital age in 2023 brings forth a surge in businesses turning to OKR methodology. But what’s the secret to mastering OKRs? It’s in the tracking and optimization, made seamless by OKR tools and software. With a plethora of OKR software and OKR tracking software options available, organizations are spoilt for choice. Let’s dive into the top 15 OKR tools leading the charge this year.

What Are OKR Tools Comparison Criteria

When comparing OKR tools, it’s essential to consider a range of criteria to ensure the chosen platform aligns with the organization’s needs. Here are some fundamental comparison criteria for evaluating OKR software:

1. Ease of Use

  • Is the interface intuitive?
  • How steep is the learning curve for new users?

2. Customizability

  • Can the tool be tailored to fit the organization’s specific processes and workflows?
  • Are there options to customize reporting and dashboard views?

3. Integration Capabilities

  • Does the tool seamlessly integrate with other enterprise software, such as CRMs, HR systems, and project management platforms?
  • Are there APIs available for custom integrations?

4. Real-time Tracking & Reporting

  • Can users track progress in real-time?
  • How comprehensive and customizable are the reporting features?

5. Collaboration Features

  • Does the tool promote team collaboration?
  • Can team members comment, share feedback, or update their status easily?

6. Scalability

  • Can the tool handle the needs of growing organizations?
  • Is it suitable for both small teams and large enterprises?

7. Customer Support & Resources

  • How responsive and knowledgeable is the customer support team?
  • Are there sufficient resources like tutorials, guides, and community forums?

8. Feedback & Review Mechanisms

  • Can employees and managers provide feedback within the tool?
  • Are there features for periodic check-ins and reviews?

9. Data-Driven Insights

  • Does the tool offer analytics to derive insights from the set OKRs?
  • How actionable are these insights for decision-making?

By evaluating OKR tools using these criteria, organizations can make informed decisions that align with their operational needs, budgetary constraints, and long-term growth plans. 

15 Best OKR Tools in 2023

1. Datalligence

datalligence OKR software

About – Performance management and goal-setting solutions that bridge the organizational hierarchy.

Datalligence is a specialized OKR platform designed to help businesses effectively set, monitor, and achieve their strategic goals. Through its comprehensive suite of tools, organizations can seamlessly align their day-to-day tasks with overarching objectives, ensuring that every effort contributes to the bigger picture. Beyond just goal-setting, Datalligence facilitates performance reviews, offering a holistic view of employee contributions relative to set targets. In a nutshell, Datalligence serves as a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to realize their strategic vision through the OKR framework.

Key Features of Datalligence

Goal Setting

 Allows employees and managers to define clear, measurable objectives that align with organizational priorities.

 Task & Initiative Tracking

Task & Initiative Tracking

Aligns tasks directly with OKRs, ensuring daily actions support overarching objectives.

Dashboard and Analytics

Interactive Dashboards

Provides detailed dashboards and reporting tools that give real-time insights into the progress of objectives and key results.

360-degree Reviews

360-degree feedback

Facilitates comprehensive assessments by incorporating feedback from peers, subordinates, managers, and even external stakeholders.

Tree Alignment

Datalligence AI OKR ALignment

Offers a visual Alignment tree showcasing the interconnectedness of various OKRs, making it easy for users to understand alignment and prioritize tasks accordingly.

OKR Check-in

OKR Check-ins - Datalligence OKR Software

Users can actively log their OKR progress, with options to update key results, add comments, or provide context. These check-ins are then available for review, ensuring that everyone is kept in the loop regarding OKR progress.

Integration Capabilities

Datalligence Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly merges with popular enterprise tools, providing a unified platform for tracking OKRs across various systems.

Performance Dashboards and Tracking

Seamlessly merges with popular enterprise tools, providing a unified platform for tracking OKRs across various systems.
Performance Dashboards and Tracking

Visual displays that offer at-a-glance insights into individual or team performance metrics, making tracking and evaluation more straightforward.


The Basic Plan starts from a Free Plan and goes up to $4 for the Scale Plan and Enterprise Contact Sales Team

2. ClickUp

About – Project management and OKR-focused platform designed to unify team objectives and optimize productivity.

ClickUp centers on comprehensive solutions for teams of all sizes, ensuring alignment across tasks with clarity and driving collaboration. It revolutionizes the OKR process, enabling performance and ensuring goal attainment with agility.

Key Features

  • Tasks & Subtasks
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Time TrackingCustom Fields:
  • Docs & Wikis
  • Integrations
  • Comments & Chat
  • Mind Maps


The Basic Plan starts from $7 and for Enterprise Contact Sales Team

3. Asana


About – Task management and project planning software built to unify team collaboration.

Asana emphasizes seamless teamwork, streamlining workflows across departments, and boosting productivity. It facilitates OKR alignment by offering structured task management tied to larger objectives, ensuring every member understands their role in achieving company goals.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Task Creation & Assignment
  • Project Timelines & Deadlines
  • Priority Setting & Tagging
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Templates & Best Practices
  • Notification & Alerts


The basic plan starts from $10.99$ and goes up to 24.99$ for the Business Plan.

4. Profit. co

profit co

About – OKR Tool that helps you execute your strategy

Profit lets you bridge your strategy-execution gap and provides Agile alignment, Faster adaptation, and execution

Key Features:

  • Dashboards
  • On-going performance tracking
  • Assessments
  • Performance Management
  • Goal management
  • Progress tracking
  • Employee Recognition
  • KPI monitoring
  • Task management


The Basic Plan is $7 and Contact Sales Team for Entreprise.

5. Perdoo


About – Execute strategy and accelerate growth with OKRs, KPIs, and Perdoo

Perdoo helps measure the strategy and measures people involved in the process. Perdoo has OKR coaches to help adaptation

Key Features

  • Alignment map
  • Success surveys
  • Engagement reports
  • OKR reviews
  • OKR setting and tracking
  • OKR visualizations
  • Goal alignment
  • Performance Reports


The Basic Plan starts from + €2 per user/month and goes up to + €9 per user/month for the Strategy and Goal Plan

6.  Weekdone


About – OKR Platform and coaching to ensure a results-driven company culture.

Weekdone measures weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans aligned with the objective. Their core focus is on Startups and SMBs.

Key Features

  • Objectives & Key Results
  •  Initiatives, Hierarchy, & Linking
  • OKRs and weekly planning
  •  Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR)
  •  Clear dashboards and progress breakdowns by user
  •  True OKR alignment (top-down or bottom-up)
  •  Company TV Dashboards and Custom Reports


Contact the Sales team for more information

7. Simple OKR


Simple OKR drives business performance by aligning teams through measurable objectives. It is a goal management software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Features

  • Progress tracking
  • Goal management
  • Negative feedback management
  • Set and share objectives with team members
  • Easy view of company priorities
  • OKR alignment for all team members
  • Single Sign-on (SAML v2)


Contact the Sales team for more information 

8. Workboard

About – OKRs that Clarify, Inspire, and Motivate

Workboard is an enterprise OKR Tool, It tracks from Vision to individual OKRs. OKR coaching services and certification program are available


  • Goals
  • Strategy and Priority Alignment
  • Progress Heatmaps
  • Action Items Tracking
  • Automated Check-ins


Contact the Sales team for more information 

9. Unlock u

About – Best OKR PLatform for Startups, Mid-size, and enterprise companies

Unlock u Build a culture where teams and organizations achieve ambitious goals with Unlock u: OKR Tools


  • Strategic Goals and OKRs
  • Alignment and Transparency
  • Goal Library & Templates
  • Dashboards & Insights
  • OKR Rhythms
  • Skill development


Contact the Sales team for more information 

10. Mesh.AI


About – Performance management and goal-setting solutions tailored for dynamic modern teams 

Mesh.AI emphasizes digital-age solutions, streamlining team synergy with clear visibility, and fostering active collaboration. It ha