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Decrease Digital Burnout by adapting OKRs

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Video chat has dominated our lives – at work and socially for more than a year now. We have to adapt better and learn how to better adjust to this mandatory, draining technology that’s going nowhere. With the zoom fatigue and the extreme burnouts it’s very important for one to stay motivated and protective people tend to be absent online while being present. Effective tools to moderate the motivational level of an employee are many and one such effective tool is OKR software system. This enables employees to stay updated and look forward to achieving what is expected. The OKR tool ensures higher levels of engagement and zeal among team members to achieve team OKRs.

In the current scenario most of the employees suffer from zoom fatigue due to spending more screen time and video conferencing rather than mobility. In addition, there is a constant need for speaking up during the video conferencing and to emphasize our point of view. Nevertheless not everyone is capable of doing so if they are not comfortable talking on an online medium. It is very important to stay focused and motivated during the times of adversity. You need and easily accessible and simple tool and method to hold this focus. Most companies are adopting tools related to conversational feedback and Objectives & Key Results along with having their own traditional PMS systems. Instead of having calls with agenda, conversational feedback discussions give more clarity and help stay focused. This allows limited room for straying into unnecessary topics. OKRs help to focus on priority deliverables as it serves the purpose of a focus light through the path of achieving the targets and goals.

While individual OKRs help in achieving individual goals, team OKRs helps to stay focused on a specific objective for the team and achieve that objective irrespective of the circumstances posed to the global workforce. It is important for an individual to feel accomplished and content and ensure that his contributions are valued, Feedback and discussions on the OKRs helps organizations to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

What is OKR and How do I create a Team OKR?

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal system. It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

As the name implies, OKR has two components, the Objective and the Key Results.

Articulate 3-5 qualitative quarterly objectives, Aspirational or Operational ‘Objectives’ and for each ‘Objective’ you should define 3-5 ‘Key Results’ which are indicators of progress towards your ‘Objective’.

As a matter of fact, OKRs are neither confined to a particular industry nor the size of an organization. It is an enabler in itself at any given point and a strong tool to moderate and accelerate business growth and profits.

We started simple by getting started with OKRs. Moving another step forward in the journey of adapting OKRs, Team OKRs make it easy to quickly set, share and align Objectives that drive company goals forward. Team OKRs help to collaborate with teams on deliverables metrics and outcomes. Chasing goals in a race is no longer helpful unless employees are aware what to chase to get the right outcomes. Team OKRs are essential to revolutionize the way teams have been performing to achieve ideal business outcomes.

Once the department objectives are penned down, these would further cascade to various teams and then to the individual team members. Setting the department/team objectives gives confidence and focus to the team members to travel towards a goal post because once the destination becomes visible. It is easier to say their key result typically metric driven which has start and target value and unit of measurement. Once all these are defined and custom developed, the rest is operational and will fall in place. Team OKRs enable effective team work management and eradicates completely the chaos around team task list, avoids teams getting into ad hoc tasks, and has a clear predictability on outcomes. Also, it becomes easy to track the progress and celebrate success.

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