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Top 7 OKR Management Tools for 2024? – Free and Paid

Top 7 OKR Management Tools and Softwares
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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective goal-setting and goal alignment are critical factors for success. That’s where OKR management comes into play. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework that helps organizations set ambitious objectives and measurable key results to drive performance and accountability. To make the OKR process seamless and efficient, there are several OKR management tools and software available in the market.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 7 OKR management tools and software for 2024. We will delve into their features, pros, and cons, enabling you to make an informed decision about which tool best suits your organization’s needs. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, these tools can provide the necessary framework to enhance goal alignment, track progress, and foster transparency across your organization.

What is OKR Management?

OKR management involves the process of setting, tracking, and managing objectives and key results using specialized software. OKR management tools enable organizations to define ambitious goals, align teams, track progress, and measure success. These tools provide features such as goal-setting templates, progress-tracking dashboards, collaboration tools, and analytics and reporting capabilities.

Importance of OKR Management Tools

Implementing OKR management tools offers several benefits for organizations:

  • Streamlined Goal-Setting: OKR management tools provide a centralized platform for setting and communicating goals, ensuring clarity and alignment across teams.
  • Improved Transparency and Accountability: These tools enable real-time tracking of progress and provide visibility into individual and team performance, fostering accountability and transparency.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: OKR management tools facilitate collaboration by allowing team members to share progress, provide feedback, and work together towards shared objectives.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: By providing analytics and reporting features, OKR management tools enable organizations to analyze performance data and make informed decisions to drive success.

Now, let’s delve into the top OKR management tools and software for 2024.

Top 7 OKR Management Tools and Software

1.Datalligence.AI: Revolutionizing Performance Management through Comprehensive OKR Solutions


Datalligence emerges as a game-changer in the realm of performance management, providing organizations with a robust platform designed to elevate goal-setting and achievement. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Datalligence stands out as a top-tier OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software. Whether you’re an individual looking to set ambitious personal goals or a business aiming to align company objectives, Datalligence offers a tailored solution that goes beyond traditional performance metrics.

Notable features of Datalligence

Intuitive Objective Setting

Be specific

Datalligence simplifies the goal-setting process with an intuitive interface, allowing users to effortlessly define and modify objectives and key results. The platform’s flexibility accommodates both personal and organizational goals, ensuring a tailored experience that aligns with diverse business needs.

Powerful Analytics and Insights

Performance Management Insights

The robust analytics and customizable reports provided by Datalligence offer a visual representation of performance. This feature goes beyond mere tracking, allowing organizations to delve into trends and patterns, facilitating in-depth analysis. These insights empower data-driven decision-making, enabling continuous improvement and optimization of goal-setting processes.

Automated Check-ins

OKR Check-ins - Datalligence OKR Software

The platform promotes regular communication and accountability through automated check-ins. These scheduled updates streamline communication, ensuring that team members stay informed about goal progress and are prompted to provide updates without additional manual effort.

Goal Cascade

Datalligence OKR and Goal Setting

Datalligence facilitates a seamless alignment of individual and team goals with broader organizational objectives through goal cascade. This ensures that every level of the organization is working cohesively towards overarching strategic priorities, fostering a unified approach to success.

Historical Perspective

OKR Retrospective offers a detailed historical account of goal changes, creating a comprehensive audit trail. This feature ensures that every modification and evolution of objectives is meticulously documented.

Customizable Workflow

To accommodate diverse organizational processes, Datalligence offers a customizable workflow. This feature allows users to adapt the platform to their unique processes and requirements, ensuring that the tool integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and methodologies.

Real-time Progress Tracking

A standout feature of Datalligence is its comprehensive progress-tracking system. Providing real-time updates and insights, this functionality enables teams to monitor the status of key results and overall goal achievement. The dynamic tracking capabilities empower organizations to make informed decisions and adapt strategies promptly.

Discussion Threads

Collaboration is further encouraged through discussion threads within the platform. This feature allows team members to communicate, share insights, and provide feedback directly within the context of specific goals, fostering a collaborative environment.

Automated Reminders

Datalligence keeps users on track by sending automated reminders for upcoming deadlines and check-ins. This feature minimizes the risk of oversights, ensuring that teams stay proactive in meeting their goals and maintaining accountability.

Pros of Datalligence

  1. Intuitive interface for easy navigation.
  2. Robust real-time progress tracking.
  3. Structured goal management with Goal Categories.
  4. Seamless task alignment to strategic objectives.
  5. Powerful analytics and customizable reports.
  6. Dynamic dashboards for transparent overviews.
  7. Task dependencies for optimized workflows.
  8. Collaborative OKR discussions for enhanced communication.
  9. Automated check-ins streamline progress updates.
  10. Employee recognition features foster a positive culture.

Cons of Datalligence

  1. Absence of an offline mode for the mobile app.

Pricing of Datalligence

Datalligence offers a free plan for all its users. The basic Goals and OKRs plan starts at $3 per user/month, and the recommended plan for all users is the Performance+ plan, which starts at $4 per user/month. For more information about the plan or about the enterprise plan, contact our sales team.


ClickUp: Streamline Goal-Setting and Performance Management

Clickup Home Page

Goals: Set Ambitious Objectives and Key Results

ClickUp’s Goals feature allows you to set and edit objectives and key results with ease. You can create personal OKRs or align your goals with your company’s objectives. The intuitive interface lets you customize your goals by setting names, due dates, responsible team members, and access permissions. You can also break down your goals into measurable targets (key results) and track progress for each target.

Track Progress: Monitor Key Results and Goal Achievement

ClickUp provides a comprehensive progress tracking system for key results and goals. You can easily track the progress of each target and measure how your targets contribute to your overall goal achievement. The platform offers real-time updates and insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and adjust strategies as needed.

Goals Folders: Organize and Group Your Goals

With ClickUp’s Goals Folders feature, you can efficiently organize and group your goals. You can create folders for weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, ensuring that your objectives are well-structured and easily accessible. Making folders public promotes transparency and enables individuals and teams to understand how their goals align with the overall business objectives.

Weekly Scorecards: Enhance Team Collaboration and Motivation

ClickUp’s Weekly Scorecards feature enables teams to break down goals into smaller tasks that can be accomplished during the week. This promotes collaboration, accountability, and motivation among team members. The scorecards visually represent progress, allowing teams to track their contributions to company OKRs effectively.

Dashboards: Plan, Track, and Assess Progress

ClickUp’s Dashboards feature empowers you to plan, track, and assess progress through completed tasks and time tracked on projects. With customizable widgets, you can gain detailed insights into tasks, sprints, people, and projects. The intuitive Gantt Chart feature visualizes tasks and progress, while task dependencies ensure that teams complete tasks in the correct order.

Pros of ClickUp

  • Powerful free version with unlimited users
  • Multiple views to adapt to different project styles
  • Advanced Agile features like Sprint Lists and Agile Scrum Dashboards
  • Customizable Task Statuses for easy progress tracking
  • Integration with popular third-party software like Evernote and Salesforce

Cons of ClickUp

  • No table view in the mobile apps (yet)
  • Limited exporting capabilities for dashboards


The basic plan starts from $7 per user/month and for more information, Contact the Clickup sales team.

Profit. co: Align Goals and Drive Better Outcomes

profit co

Profit. co is a popular OKR software that helps organizations prioritize goals, assess progress, and achieve better outcomes. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Profit. co is an excellent choice for companies looking to align their objectives and drive performance.

Alignment Dashboards: Visualize Company Vision and Goals

Profit. co’s alignment dashboards provide a holistic view of your company’s vision and goals. These dashboards enable the entire organization to understand and contribute to top-level objectives. With 400+ inbuilt and custom KPIs, you can efficiently measure performance and ensure that teams are aligned with the company’s strategic direction.

Performance Review Tools: Link OKRs to Employee Performance

Profit. co offers performance review tools that link OKRs to employee performance evaluations. This integration allows managers to assess individual contributions to OKRs and provide feedback accordingly. The platform also helps identify and eliminate bottlenecks through real-time heatmaps, ensuring that teams stay on track and focused on achieving their goals.

Customization and Templates: Tailor OKRs to Fit Your Needs

Profit. co provides extensive customization options for OKRs. You can define values, properties, and details to align with your specific goals and objectives. The software also offers OKR templates and best practice guidance to help you create effective OKRs and achieve better outcomes.

Pros of Profit. co

  • Robust alignment dashboards for visualizing company goals
  • Customizable OKRs to fit specific needs
  • Performance review tools for linking OKRs to employee evaluations
  • A comprehensive library of OKR templates and best practice guidance
  • Weekly check-ins and feedback collection features for continuous improvement

Cons of Profit. co

  • Limited customization options in the free plan
  • Gantt view visualization is not available


Contact Profit. co sales team for more information.

Aha!: Goal-Setting Software for Cross-Functional Teams

aha home page

Aha! is a goal-setting software that helps cross-functional teams capture ideas, set schedules, and track progress. While not specifically designed as an OKR tool, Aha! offers features that can effectively support OKR implementation and goal management.

Strategic Roadmaps: Establish Clear OKR Goals

Aha! allows you to create strategic roadmaps that establish clear OKR goals with measurable results. You can define objectives and key results and set timelines to track progress. The software’s customizable workflows enable teams to work in a way that aligns with their processes, ensuring efficient goal achievement.

Custom Workflows: Adapt to Your Team’s Needs

Aha! provides custom workflows that allow teams to adapt the software to their specific needs. You can define your own processes, collaborate on tasks, and ensure that your team’s work aligns with the overall business objectives. The software also offers real-time document editing for seamless collaboration and idea sharing.

Visualize Progress: Roadmaps and Reports

Aha! enables you to visualize progress through roadmaps and reports in real time. These visual tools provide a clear overview of goal achievement and help identify areas that need improvement. Real-time document editing allows teams to collaborate on ideas and goals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Pros of Aha!

  • Ability to capture product ideas and innovations from customers and non-Aha! users
  • Customizable workflows and task dependencies for efficient goal achievement
  • Real-time progress visualization through roadmaps and reports
  • Collaboration features for team engagement and idea-sharing
  • Integration with popular workplace tools like Jira and Slack

Cons of Aha!

  • Complex onboarding process for inexperienced users
  • Reporting functionality may not be as user-friendly as some other OKR tools
  • Lack of built-in chat feature for seamless collaboration


Aha! plan starts at $59/user per month and for more information, contact their sales team.

Weekdone: Structured Goal Setting for Enhanced Performance


Weekdone is an OKR software that focuses on setting structured goals with measurable outcomes. It offers features that enhance team collaboration, track progress, and improve overall performance.

Goals: Set Clear and Measurable Objectives

Weekdone enables you to set clear and measurable objectives for your team. You can define key results and assign responsibilities to team members. The platform’s one-on-one meetings feature helps improve employee performance, while feedback and recognition support boost morale and progress.

Weekly Check-Ins: Track Activities and Foster Collaboration

Weekdone’s weekly check-ins feature allows teams to track their weekly activities and ensure that they align with company OKRs. This fosters collaboration and visibility, promoting a sense of interconnectedness among team members. The platform’s goal hierarchy feature visualizes significant company goals, allowing teams to contribute effectively.

Dashboards and Reporting: Assess Progress and Performance

Weekdone offers dashboards and reporting features that provide insights into goal progress and team performance. You can view trend reports, measure changes in performance, and identify areas for improvement. The platform’s private notes feature allows you to jot down personal reminders and ideas for continuous improvement.

Pros of Weekdone

  • Structured goal setting with measurable outcomes
  • Weekly check-ins for tracking activities and fostering collaboration
  • Visual goal hierarchy for aligning company goals and individual responsibilities
  • Dashboards and reporting for assessing progress and performance
  • Private notes feature for personal reminders and ideation

Cons of Weekdone

  • Limited free plan for larger teams
  • User setup and team creation can be complicated
  • Creating specific OKRs can be challenging for new users


Contact the Weekdone Sales team for more information.

Businessmap: Lean and Agile OKR Platform


Businessmap is a Lean and Agile platform that visualizes objectives and key results on interconnected Kanban boards. It provides comprehensive customization options and promotes transparency and progress tracking.

Wide Customization Options: Tailor OKRs to Your Needs

Businessmap offers extensive customization options for OKRs, allowing you to define values, properties, and details based on your specific goals. You can customize key results filtering and use colored indicators to track progress. The platform also provides automatic projections to ensure accurate goal tracking.

Goal Maps: Align Strategy and Execution

Businessmap’s goal maps feature aligns strategy and execution through transparent and interconnected Kanban boards. This visual representation helps teams understand how their work contributes to overall business objectives. The platform also allows for the measurement of actual versus expected progress on OKRs.

Collaboration and Visualization: Enhance Team Performance

Businessmap facilitates collaboration and visualization, enabling teams to work together effectively. The platform’s visualization tools help teams understand cross-team dependencies and track progress in one place. This fosters transparency, accountability, and alignment across objectives, projects, and work items.

Pros of Businessmap

  • Wide customization options for OKRs
  • Visual goal maps for aligning strategy and execution
  • Transparent Kanban boards for enhanced collaboration
  • Real-time progress tracking and visualization
  • Customizable reporting and analysis features

Cons of Businessmap

  • Rich functionality may be complex for new users
  • No real-time chat functionality included


Contact the Businessmap Sales team for more information