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People Strategies – The New Normal

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Table of Contents

It is an incredible challenge for organizations to adapt in the current scenario.   The need to change, to bring a paradigm shift in the way we run our business is not optional.  With Digital Business Transformation, Technology enabled learning becomes a continuous need.

As we adapt to Business Automation & Remote Working, there is a need to create holistic work environment, redesign job roles to drive work and embrace technology and future proof the skills.  With newfound digitised tools it is important to upgrade and up skill as this remains the key differentiator for attracting talent.   Similarly, in view of reduced Migrant labour supply, opportunity for learning/Skilling needs to be provided to local labour for building a healthy skill pipeline.

Telecommuting and collaboration are settling to be a new normal and will be valuable in the long run. This will be a step towards minimalistic overheads due to less business trips, lesser office spaces, increased productivity and a high level of work-life balance.  To enable cohesive team dynamics – transparent communication and continuous information sharing is a prerequisite.

As regular work environments have scope for informal employee interactions, it is important to build an engaging environment with efficient tools and enable a bonding culture virtually.  Timeouts and one on one chats or group chat breaks will help in weaving the virtual workplace fabric.

Creating highly Agile and Flexible teams is the key. HR is a vital enabler to ensure the right tool which can be adapted to company needs.  As we will change the way we work we will also need to change the way we manage performance.  The focus will be on alignment of business objectives and goals to employee expectations.  A well-rounded feedback of person’s capabilities, strengths, experiences, aspirations, mood, learning preferences and well-being is generated.  Managers will be empowered to give performance feedback from relevant tool/platform used and it will be data driven and unbiased with a development focus.   As the performance review will be authentic and based on facts, it will be well received.  It will allow for more interaction due to remote working style and hence the whole process will become meaningful.

This will also enable managers to hone their coaching skills and guide team members towards improved performance.  This will result in better people decisions.

To summarise, it is the time where organizations will disrupt, the need to unlearn and relearn and relook at business strategy, questioning of every premise and see it in execution will now lay the new norms for future.

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