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Why should you opt for the OKR platform over spreadsheets?

OKR implementation
Table of Contents

I love Spreadsheets, they are great for my data analysis and data management. I have always been a great fan of spreadsheets and understand the value they bring. Excellent to maintain and analyze data.

Would it help track my OKRs? Well, spreadsheets can only do that much. If you want to track your OKRs, Spreadsheets are not the answer. OKRs accelerate growth, so it is important to have the right platform to track OKRs

What are the general problems to expect while tracking in a spreadsheet?

  • OKRs get tracked in isolation. There is no collaboration to see the larger picture
  • The spreadsheet cannot roll up your progress to the company objectives
  • Conversations cannot take place or track
  • Identifying the dependencies is difficult
  • Multi-directional alignment is not possible.

Companies who want to start with OKRs, the first thing that comes to mind is starting with a spreadsheet. Starting with OKRs was a great decision but starting with a spreadsheet make it a great decision. The main reason one wants to start with OKRs is to track the progress of the Organisation, team and individual. But that purpose is not solved when starting with spreadsheets.

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It is nearly impossible to track OKRs manually be it in a spreadsheet or a word document. while the teams are working remotely and having to manage online meetings and getting the job delivered, they are already swamped. Maintaining OKR spreadsheets is another load for them and collaborating OKRs between individuals and teams can be a daunting task. Even if you can collect the data manually, bringing meaningful insight out of the data will not be possible. The very essence of tracking OKRs will be lost if we are unable to track and measure our progress.

While organizations think using spreadsheets is a cost-effective method, no denial of that. But we do not get the desired results out of the spreadsheets. The entire purpose of implementing OKRs gets beaten away by preferring to use the sheets than software.

Adding software in the initial days’ helps streamline the process and increase adoption. Adoption is one challenge organizations face highly. Introducing OKR software help in increasing adoption and the teams are highly motivated by tracking and progress one makes.

Why has OKR Software is essential to scale?

The right OKR tool will help you to scale and grow 10x. It is proven that the OKR software will benefit the organization in multiple ways. Even though the organization is diverse, big or small, it always suits best.

These are the top 5 benefits that you can leverage while implementing OKR software.