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Why should we use OKR?

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What’s in store for me when I adopt the approach “From Outputs to Business Outcomes with OKR”???

We need to first understand what OKR based performance management system can do to any business. As elaborated in earlier posts, they drive business outcomes through a meticulous tracking mechanism.

There are many organizations that have adopted OKR based performance management systems in their earlier stages which has, in turn, enabled organizations to work to their fullest potential of Human Capital. Originally developed at Intel and now used by companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook in their early stage of being a start-up, OKRs have a proven track record of getting results for large-scale enterprises because OKR was already part of their culture as they scaled. With hundreds of thousands of employees located across multiple offices, these big giants have successfully achieved their milestone of scaling OKRs across their organization.

Does this mean that organizations that are grown in number cannot adopt OKRs? Well, we need to understand OKR as a process to be adopted for better business outcomes and not looked at as an activity related to the size of an organization alone. There are multiple factors that decide the adoption of any process in an organization.

In any workplace, OKR is a helpful tool to guide projects and initiatives because when a project pops up that doesn’t fall within our OKRs for the current period/quarter, we may think of either including it or prioritizing some other objective down, or do we need to say no to this project. It is also a decision enabling tool especially in matters concerning the larger picture of efforts to business outcome.

Simply put as an answer for Why OKR is:

OKRs help you articulate and align your goals

OKRs  help you track and measure progress

OKRs  make goals easier to achieve

OKRs  help you reassess and stretch

OKRs encourage innovations, keep employees engaged, and keep teams aligned.

Once the decision is made after understanding the benefits of adopting an OKR, you need to assess the OKR tools available and which tools support your nature of business.

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