Performance Management Software

Motivate and acknowledge top performers. A solution that caters to all your performance requirements.

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Performance Management

Performance Management Software

Transform the way you manage performance with Datalligence’s innovative software designed for the new-generation workforce

Performance Management

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How Datalligence Performance Management Software accelerate performance?

360 Degree feedback

360° performance management

Create 360 Degree review to eliminate bias. Track goals, measure actions, increase transparency, and ensure accountability.

Performance Management Software

Multi-directional Feedback and 1:1 meeting

Drive high-performance culture, sync 1:1 with OKRs, recognize Key Results achieved, initiate goal-centric conversations.


Goal setting and management

Align goals, create ownership, and promote performance conversations for managerial effectiveness and focused priorities.

Steamline communication
Steamline communication

Transform Your Organization’s Review Process with Our 360° Performance Reviews

Datalligence 360 performance review promotes a culture of accountability and continuous learning. Increases accountability of their development and seeks feedback to drive growth. A powerful tool to improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity, while also driving organizational success.

performance management

Streamline Your Performance Review Process with Customizable Templates

Our 180 and 360 performance review templates are fully customizable to fit your unique organizational needs. With our user-friendly interface, you can design your own questions. Reflects your unique culture and values and you can better evaluate employee performance and drive accountability.