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What Is Continuous Performance Management? Definition & Benefits

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Table of Contents

Performance management is a traditional practice, but an outdated approach breaks down at some point and needs upgrading. Similarly, the performance review is done once a year, and 360-degree feedback tools, are certainly damaging the whole performance management process hence, it has become very complicated and confusing for managing people’s performances.

Continuous performance management is like evaluating the work of an employee- daily, weekly, and not eventually at the last time of the month. This new design of work has no spilling objectives, no feedback mechanism once a year, but in fact, the whole process of continuous performance management is based on speed, agility, and all data based on performance.

One size fits all, is a total myth!

Because one size fits one; Not every employee performs the same and not each one of them has the same skills. Rating each employee at the end of the year, judging each according to the given project, analyzing the performance pattern, and then aligning the discussion with the team leader for promotion eligibility with the critical skills of each employee.

Here companies realize that the process is totally breathtaking and they need to introduce continuous performance management.

What is Continuous performance management 🤔?

Continuous performance management is defined as an ongoing performance review process held throughout the year. Continuous performance management is more real-time, an individualized process to provide regular feedback.

Something like fueling up the future performance of the employee, rather than wasting 200 million hours ( proved in research) in assessing the past performances at the end of the year.

Benefits of continuous performance management 😍

1. Allow companies to recognize performance

Performance recognition has increased more than ever, when intervally employees are being recognized based on the brownie points of their performances, team leaders focus on what they do with each team member based on every project they deliver or perform– in turn a rich stream of information of the employee is extracted to provide constructive feedback and eligibility to get promoted is easily differentiated.

2. Boost the morale of the employee

When a subset of employees are analyzed based on their immediate project completion and feedback is given time, it more inclines them towards ownership and boosts their confidence. Due to continuous performance monitoring, it becomes possible to not delay any appreciation and timely charge up the employee’s motivation.

3. Positive add on to the work culture

Yearly appraisals are totally broken, hence creating a lot of tension among the team.
To counter such overwhelmed employee behavior of pleasing the team leaders during the end of the month, every organization needs a timely performance review management so that there is always a positive sense of encouragement and balanced work culture of fun and fulfillment.

How to Implement Continuous Performance Management

Continuous performance management can be implemented in your organization by following a continuous process of change that has to be practiced regularly to adopt a new positive habit. You can take the help of performance software that can help you to implement performance management in your company, try out datalligence for free!

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