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How to Track Team Performance & How to Improve It

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Table of Contents

Creating a high-performing team has been the vision of every single manager. Performing teams help measure managerial effectiveness.

How do we measure these parameters that are critical as well as qualitative?

Thanks to the current digital works we can make these a quantitative metric.

Let’s talk about how effective the process is for measuring team performance

What is team performance?

Team productivity is very important as productivity is directly connected with organizational performance.

Keeping the team stay motivated and productive is the mandate for every manager

While measuring the performance of the team the key metrics that help us measure are

  1. The number of processes or projects that get completed in the given working hours
  2. The average return on investment per resource
  3. How do directly contribute to the organization’s performance

Metrics vary based on the function each resource is aligned to. Defining the right metrics will help measure team performance

How can You Track Team Performance?

Tracking team performance has been an ongoing challenge every organization encounters. Setting the right KPIs will help you measure the team’s performance.

Productivity measures are available widely and organizations measure what matters to their business.

Teams like sales who are highly metric-driven

on the other hand, Creative teams will have other measures that may or may not be metric-driven.

Nevertheless, we need to track the productivity of all teams and the outcome with share insights on

  1. Training and upskilling the employees
  2. Improvement plans that will give an employee keep himself stay in line with the organization’s requirement
  3. Technical competence is required for the role.

Also, there are Software available to help track the team performance and to keep them stay connected with their peers and managers

The Perfect Tool to Track Team Performance: Datalligence

No matter how many productivity techniques one has mastered, the amount of work a lackadaisical team produces will more often than not supersede that of a single productive person. This is the reason why project managers all over the world put their utmost focus into figuring out strategies to boost their team’s productivity. This is also the reason why the Best OKR Software is employed by various companies to track their team’s productivity.
As we have just answered “why” boost team productivity, let us now explore the “how”. “Hard Work” may be the most cliched response to the question of “how”. But when we dig a little deeper into the perception of productivity and how is that it is attained, the answer seldom points to more hours of work. With high-performance companies as our guide, let us list six of their most result-oriented strategies (like the best OKR software they employed) that your company can deploy today to boost your productivity.

Datalligence OKR software has integration with its sibling conversation, feedback, and recognition(CFR) to promote team productivity and increase conversation and engagement.

Objectives and Key Results:

OKRs framework that clearly defines the goal and ensures that the team is aware of what is to be expected and how to deliver the results.


Clearly defined objective level alignments help organizations to understand the interdependencies and also how effective are we performing. By allowing up down and bottom-up alignment we enable autonomy to create a team that has ownership


Ongoing check-in helps in measuring and tracking the team performance, also helps the organizations to be more agile.

Recognition :

Continuous recognition to increase mot