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OKRs Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement software
Table of Contents

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

 – Simon Sinek

A company is nothing but an institution that has been formed by bringing together a group of people so they can accomplish something that cannot be achieved by them individually. This is the best definition of the company there ever is. The core of this statement was verbalized by the late David Packard, who was the co-founder of “Hewlett-Packard.” But what happens when such a formed institution of people is disinterested or not fully committed to the goal? Nothing productive! And these might not even be because of the employee’s problem but a result of a faulty management system. Fortunately, OKR software holds the answers to the employee engagement puzzle, and these answers are factual, as they are proven by the success of companies like “Google.”
Read through to know more about employee engagement and how OKR increases employee engagement.

Three different types of employee

Depending on luck or maybe conscious effort, your company’s employees will fall under any of the three types: Engaged, Not Engaged, or Disengaged. Employees of every company fall under any of these three dimensions. But how do you tell the type?

1. Engaged

These employees are the cream of the crop, whom you want in your company. Your employees are like causes in the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule, according to which 80% of work is done by 20% of causes. An engaged employee is a motivated employee who is the cause for development that happens in a company, according to empirical evidence.

2. Not Engaged

If your company has more than ten people, chances are your environment has more potential to have employees who are not engaged or motivated toward your company’s goals. The majority of the workers in larger companies are not engaged. They are just blind moving forward toward the salary date from one month to the next.

3. Actively disengaged

These are also employees who are moving from salary date to salary date, but this group is more susceptible to spreading negativity in your company because of their disenchanted background or disgruntled current state. And what is worse is that these employee attitudes may have been caused by your company or, to be precise, your ill-informed management process.

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How does OKR increase your employee engagement?

If the disarray of employee engagement is the fault of your company or even because of the forces outside your company’s control, with a well-woven management system like OKR (Objective and Key Results), you can definitely increase or fix your employee engagement. Following are three popular ways among many others that OKR software/methodology increases employee engagement.

1. Inform what why and how

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