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12 Best Employee Engagement Platform – Free & Paid Tools (Updated for 2022)

Employee engagement tools
Table of Contents

What is an employee engagement platform?

An employee engagement platform is a software tool companies use to keep their employees engaged and increase their satisfaction levels. This also results in a high percentage of retained workers. The main objective is to make the employees aligned to the work culture and mission of the company.
The human resource department administers the employee engagement software, and it is seen as one of the prominent tools for reducing absenteeism and turnover ratio. These tools are compatible with smartphones so that employees can use them even if they are not at the desk. As an outcome, employees are more effective and productive in their assigned tasks.

Key features of employee engagement platform and advantage

Business experts highly recommend adopting technology tools that enhance employee engagement and comprehensive employee involvement in the organization’s success. Organizations have realized that digitalization of the business process and operations helps them to thrive even in remote working conditions.

Benefits of using an employee engagement platform.

1. Effective Communication

In recent times, the majority of remote working employees and office-going workers admit that they are well-informed about the happenings in the organizations through their immediate reporting manager. Employee engagement platforms support them to do regular check-ins, effective goal setting and receive 360-degree feedback. OKR and smart goals involve employees in goal setting, that are aligned with the team and organization’s goals.
Few simple features such as Like & Comment encourage the employee to interact more and improve the relationship.

2. High performance and productivity

No doubt that companies with a highly engaged workforce are more profitable and the primary reason behind it, is the cloud-based software tools that solve the requirements of the millennial workforce.
Employee survey tools are often used to measure employee engagement. This helps the managers to identify the disengaged employees and resolve their issues. This results in doubled productivity and effective feedback from the employees.

3. Time-saving

A digital employee engagement platform is a boon to managers and HR professionals, as it saves their time and energy by accessing automated reports from one place. This helps them to concentrate on productive tasks. Goal-setting process and progress tracking become easier with powerful dashboards and reports.

4. Lower absenteeism and attrition ratio

With an effective goal-setting framework and open feedback systems, employees are highly motivated and feel responsible for their tasks. They tend to be more committed and show up for work regularly.
If the employees are engaged and have a sense of belongingness, they never leave the workplace in a short period. Perfect work-life balance, a peaceful workplace, and creative freedom reduce the employee turnover ratio. Implementing employee engagement software help to create the above-said environment. Periodic polls and surveys in the software help to collect employee feedback about their job satisfaction.

5. Customer satisfaction and brand value

Engaged employees render greater service to the customers and retention rates never go down. Employee engagement software reflects the mindset of the employee and an engaged workforce always reflects outstanding service.

Employees chose companies not only for higher salaries, but it depends highly on the work culture, work-life balance, and other benefits. A company’s brand value increases in the market with an engaged workforce and motivates people to apply to the company. With an effective employee engagement platform, the company can position its brand that increases the value of its employees.

6. Recognize and reward efforts:

The employee engagement platform helps to measure the performance of the employees against the defined goals. Recognizing the efforts and rewards them brings in positive work culture and boosts the morale of the employee. Their achievements can be shared in the tool, to encourage other employees to keep them self-motivated and encourage them to take risks to achieve their goals.

12 best employee engagement platform

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