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Conversation Feedback Recognition (CFR)

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Table of Contents

Do you know that millennials require more feedback than do other generations? The fact is, managers aren’t providing the feedback millennials want, according to Gallup’s latest report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live.
Objectives are very significant and are action-driven. Key results are quantifiable and specific. Conversation, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR), on the other hand, are the result of public, transparent OKRs
CFRs should be an ongoing process and should be happening in the entire OKR cycle and 1:1s are highly essential at the end of each cycle. These conversations should reflect in goal-setting and ongoing progress updates. Feedback should be specific and constructive allowing the employee to interact and share feedback with their supervisors.
Few questions to ask for Conversation and Feedback?

  • How are the OKRs coming along?
  • Are there enough resources as planned for the committed OKRs
  • Is our Aspirational OKR is as per the plan?
  • What critical capabilities do you need to be successful?
  • What could be the roadblock in attaining the objectives?
  • What OKRs need to be adjusted—or added, or eliminated, or is there a change in the priorities?