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How does Datalligence help in increasing employee performance?

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Table of Contents

Employee performance is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing processes. There is no one size fits in this. Every organization defines the performance review programs that suit their cultural values and their people. The outcome of the program is to increase the performance of an employee and employee engagement. Having said that most companies struggle in creating the right performance management program that works well for them 

We at Datalligence performance management software specialize in creating a performance management system that adopts the organization’s culture and beliefs. Our focus is on increasing employee performance while at the same time creating engagement. 

 There has been a tremendous shift in the workforce that calls for a process that suits a different type of workforce. Also, the Pandemic has made it more challenging and there is a need to have a system that connects the team that is remote, office, and Hybrid. 

 How does OKR (Objectives & Key Results) contribute to employee performance? 

OKR is a goal-setting platform that helps organizations execute and measure their Strategy. A well-proven framework that has been used by organizations like Intel, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and so on. OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are agile, and they work well in a shorter cadence. Since they work in a shorter cadence it is possible to understand the gap in execution and correct it as and when required 


OKR is an autonomous framework, hence it is powerful in creating ownership. Once the team understands the organizational objective the teams and individuals create the objectives that help them achieve the organizational objectives. Since there is visibility to every single member of an organization toward the goal it easily increases accountability. Datalligence OKR software help organizations create and align objectives to the larger goals. 


While being an autonomous framework it increases the accountability of an individual. Since every team or individual creates their objectives, they also own and be accountable for what they own. We have seen a sense of accomplishment while we create our objectives and try to achieve that. Datalligence OKR software brings insights that help individuals to understand and focus on what is the priority and where they are traveling towards. It also allows them to course-correct them whenever possible.