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How to roll out Datalligence AI OKR for your marketing team?

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OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are a collaborative framework that enables the team to work together and align towards a common goal. They are highly effective frameworks, and they drive collaboration among teams, units, and locations. OKRs for Marketing teams are especially important as they are dynamic and result-oriented frameworks and can work in great synergy with Marketing teams 

We find that there is always a gap in understanding what the deliverables of the marketing department are. Mostly it is a mixture of science and art. They create brand awareness and at the same time generate leads as well. It is a combination of both subjective and quantitative measures 

Having said that, the marketing department drives the organization toward results. They are responsible for both branding and bring in revenue for the Organization. Marketing strategy is key to every organization and execution is something crucial part. 

Solving Marketing Challenges 

The first step is to create high-level thinking before executing a strategy. We have seen often marketing teams being siloed and not connected with the organizational priorities when the organization is struggling to achieve its priorities. Marketing works in silos on their priorities, this might not help to scale up. Creating strategies for the marketing department that along with the organization’s priority is the starting point for creating departmental and individual OKRs that connects them to organization-level objectives 

For example, the marketing department should have specific outcomes that help us achieve the organization’s objectives. increasing the click-through rate or the website traffic would be key to generating leads these metrics define dusky results RA Nokia will help you get aligned with the expectations 

Increases Productivity

Productivity increases when there is employee engagement there are studies that state that there is a 21% increase in productivity when the employees are engaged so while using frameworks like OKRs. OKR process sets metrics that are measurable and ensures that the employees have a sense of accomplishment and contribute positively to the organization 

How to start with OKRs 

Start with defining the quality objective for the department and keep asking questions about how you are going to execute the objectives. Define the role that each one would play in achieving their objectives. Datalligence AI OKR Software helps you to create a departmental objective at the same time provides visibility help you to align with what matters to the business. Create input as well as output key results that would support achieving the desired outcome. 

Teams might have a different focus and different priorities, the very specialty of OKR is that it can bring align with each other’s priorities as well as stay relevant to what matters to the business. It is extremely critical for a business to have a highly aligned and focused team that can help in achieving the objectives 

While the marketing team can have aspirational objectives it is important that we measure a few critical factors like Brand conversions and so on. The marketing team can no longer act in silos as they are very aware of what is the objectives that they should align with. 

Datalligence AI OKR software helps you to create and visualize OKRs that are specific to the team as well as individuals. The key metric it measures are 

  • Demand generation 
  • Product Marketing 
  • Content marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • PPC marketing 
  • Account-based marketing 
  • Public relations 

Let us see a few example OKRs that will help you to create OKRS 

1. Boost engagement on social media

Datalligence AI OKRs can help in creating and measuring engagement in social media. The digital marketing team can use OKRs as a navigator and guide in analyzing the progress 

Objective: Increase engagement on social media 

  • KR 1: Increase FB impression by X% 
  • KR 2: Increase the YouTube view to X%