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10 Best Sales OKR Examples

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Table of Contents

Discover the top 10 sales OKR examples using the best OKR tools to achieve your sales goals. Optimize your sales strategy today.

In any organization, sales become the engine that drives the business. Revenue being the fuel to the engine it is essential to have the right metrics to measure sales. It is highly critical for us to measure the sales revenues as that gives us the right direction. Metrics written for the sales have to be well thought out and analyzed.

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting framework helps the sales team to achieve results and aspire high. OKRs align the sales department to work together on the same priorities set by the organization and yet let the individuals be creative and aspirational. OKRs are set by the team together collectively and they agree to what they deliver. Every individual gets to design their objective and how they wish to achieve it. This makes the team engaged and happy.

⏩ According to a Harvard Business Review survey study of more than 230 buyers, 12% of salespeople are excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor. What makes the 12% of salespeople excellent is their processes are highly focused and the individuals are accountable. These teams push themselves aggressively and set their aspirations high.

Sales objectives should have both input and output goals together to deliver, which makes it the right set of metrics to start with.

Sales are the face of the organization to the customer, they need to be more effective and productive. The numbers achieved by the sales team are directly proportionate to the organization’s growth. Hence, it is vital that the sales team set the goals right and sail in the right direction. Successful sales teams set audacious goals and do not shy away from stretching beyond what is required.

Do you know that teams that deliver higher results have aggressive goal-setting practices with the right metrics to measure? An effective team that delivers should have a healthy sales funnel and a high conversion and retention ratio. The sales team also works along with the customers to understand what is required that is critical to business. With all these, it is evident that they play a very important role in any organization.

What is OKR?

O stands for Objective, which defines the “what”
KR stands for the Key Results which is “How”

OKR can be traced back to 1954 when Peter Drucker invented MBO or Management by Objectives. Later, when Andrew Grove co-founded Intel he further developed the MBOs to OKR framework. OKRs are adopted by various companies like

  • Google
  • Uber
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

How to implement Sales OKRs?