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How can Businesses Adopt OKRs Successfully?

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Let it be Large Scale or a small-scale organization, in the recent trend business opting for OKRs is increasing day by day. Many experts say that implementing OKRs software in their business has increased their overall success and productivity. But many factors determine the successful rollout of any OKR Program. Companies and individuals understand OKRs software when they have been using Excel spreadsheets and other software as a replacement for OKRs and not seeing success. 

When it comes to successfully implementing OKRs in businesses, we’ve discovered that it’s critical to look at each situation from two perspectives: 

  1. OKR Knowledge of the Organization 
  2. Willingness to invest in and learn best practices 

OKRs knowledge and implementation of OKR in a company go from reading a book to 6+ months in implementation. Although you can become a master in spreadsheets after a few months in terms of OKRs, it is step-by-step progress to know your way around the basics and then you can navigate through that methodology comfortably. 

Willingness to invest in learning is important. It can be from OKRs experts and OKRs coaches who can guide what to do and more importantly what not to do. Learning from experts can help you understand the best way to implement OKRs in your organization.  

Q1 – Explorer  

The first step symbolizes a cliff-hanging situation meaning you are new to the term of OKRs and testing the water. 

In this step companies and individuals who want to be associated with the term, OKRs simply read a book or look through other resources to be familiar with the term. In this step, people usually stick to the book and their resources to gain knowledge. Before gaining knowledge on OKRs, companies would have a slight hint and knowledge on OKR and would advance to the next step where they want to practice using OKR and try to pass on the knowledge to their team and employee to ensure that everyone is on the same playing field when coming to OKR. They start to explore different possibilities. 

Q2 – Traveller  

In the second step, the current OKR knowledge level is low, but everyone starts to listen. Once getting a hint of what success looks like, individuals or clients start to move their focus on learning to gain experience from OKR coaches and experts. They want to gain knowledge and experience on what and how OKRs can be implemented in their company system. 

Companies and clients start consulting OKR coaches and experts on implementing the OKR software in their company and listen and grasp knowledge from them to implement it the right way. Companies and clients use the demo for the first two quarters to test the waters and to understand the software in their way. They feel like traveling a journey and along the journey, they gain knowledge along the way. 

Q3 – Hustler

The third step symbolizes, that people’s willingness to listen is low, but they have prior experience and knowledge. So, they’re already warmed up and ready for the race. 

Companies and clients in this step have brief f knowledge of OKR software and have confidence in their current practice and are ready to start the race. They aren’t concerned about best practices because they have first-hand knowledge of what worked and what didn’t and have committed to the methodology. It’s primarily a software selection issue for them. People who are in this step know the practice and methodology and have an understanding of what will work out for them. 

Q4- Champion  

The last and final step is the champion step where companies and clients clearly understand OKRs and How to implement them in the company. 

In the champion step after successfully implementing OKR software, the companies would focus only on their 10X growth and success. They will understand the product and will get the benefits of the product as well as the methodology. 


In summary, business adopting OKR methodology travels around these four steps to test the waters and find the right way of implementing OKR with the help of OKR coaches and experts. The majority of individuals start from the explorer step, trying to explore but once they understand the power of goal setting and goal alignment, they move to the next steps where they try to implement their company and understand what’s best for them. At last after successfully implementing they move on to the champion step where they truly understand the benefits of the product as well as the methodology and start to see growth. Talk to our coaches to start your free trial.

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