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Role of Managers in Employee engagement

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Table of Contents

What is employee engagement?

A global study finds over 75% of people feel “stuck” personally and professionally. This is the main cause of decreasing employee engagement. Employee engagement is the emotional and professional connection one has towards the role one plays. The more the connection is the better the employee engagement. All single organizations thrive in striking this balance. With the continuous change in the workforce and it is getting dynamic, measuring employee engagement is becoming crucial and unable measure the same. 

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee employees are a critical parameter for retaining talent and increasing organizational productivity. Employees who are engaged are likely to stay longer in an organization and stay and keep the team motivated.  

Why managers are key to employee engagement?  

Disengaged employees cost billions every year. For companies that aspire to grow fast, this is not a simple problem. Organizations across the industry report only 34% engagement. And that is an alarming trend. Great workspaces with Ping-Pong tables are not able to crack the number. Even compensation does not help in creating the change.  

The major answer to these problems is the managers who handle the team. They care to make or break the teams. Their significant role is to keep the team motivated and empowered.  

The role of managers in employee engagement 

Ineffective managers impact employee engagement to a greater extent. According to Gallup, 70% of the variance is caused by the manager and it proves that is an issue of the management. Employees connect to the organization’s vision and values through the manager. Their interactions with the team create a greater influence on employee behaviour.  

Great managers play the role of HR (Human Resources) within the team, and they motivate the team and their people to think out of the box. But everything goes wrong if the manager is not right.