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How to Set Aspirational Goals for Your Organisation

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Table of Contents

Why are goals particularly important to everyone?

Goals are important because they take us where we want to be. The best way to accomplish anything is to ensure that we write it down. Writing down the goal is half the work done. Goal setting is an important exercise for everyone but unfortunately very few achieve their goals.  

A goal helps us visualize where we want to be and breaks it down into action plans to achieve it. without goals, organisations will become have no objective to focus towards. Most companies have figured this out and started the habit of goal setting that help to achieve the milestones set by an individual or a department. 

Google figure this out early and they set practices and processes that help achieve the goal. They follow a goal-setting framework called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). They strongly believed in settings stretch goals for greater accomplishments. goal setting can be classified into aspirational and committed goals  

1. Introduction to aspirational goal setting  

What are aspirational goals?

Operational goals are strong and stretch goals that allow a person or an organisation to aspire something bigger to them. Aspirational goals help you to think out of the box and get you out of your comfort zone.  

Aspirational goals are different from committed goals because they are audacious. A committed goal has the planned resources and budget in place. Whereas an aspirational goal starts from nowhere and tries to achieve something bigger and larger goals than what they had currently done. An aspirational can be a tool to create something big or become big.  

2. How does aspirational goal-setting work for your organization?  

Goal-setting exercise is a very crucial skill, and most individuals and managers struggle in setting goals for themselves and their team. Goal setting starts with the organisational goal and then cascades to the team and the individuals. It is important to start the exercise by understanding the why. 

Get started with the exercise of why you would want to set the goals and what your expected outcomes are. If you are a CEO, you might have various strategies that you want to succeed in.  

For example, if this year plans to launch in North America, then we need to set objectives that will help us get there. Writing down your plan indicates that you have already reached halfway  

Setting short-term objectives.

While we all have the larger agenda set, it is important to have it broken down into shorter timelines to make sure that the focus is on that objective. Short-term objectives are the stepping stone to achieving the goal. These objectives are time bound and measurable in nature. Also setting an ambitious yet achievable objective helps us stay motivated.  

Regular Review

Once the objectives have been set it is key to review that at regular intervals. Doing retrospectives after a quarter or mi