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10 Important OKR Software features

Best OKR software
Table of Contents

Why do you need OKR Software?

OKRs today have changed the landscape of a few businesses. early adoption of OKR has shown growth up to 10x for many organizations. OKRs were adopted early by Google and later by a few leading companies like Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

If you are planning to adopt OKRs or already practising OKRs it is highly recommended that you invest in an OKR software. However user-friendly method you are adopting to track your OKRs, it is highly important to have continuous tracking and transparency of OKRs should be there. Spreadsheets can only travel to an extent, the inherent purpose gets solved by adopting OKR software. OKR software will provide

  • Organizational level directions while creating department and individual OKRs
  • Eliminate people working in Silos
  • Align to the expectations and eliminate bias
  • Support Measuring performance as an outcome
  • Setting the expectations right
  • Tracking and monitoring the objectives

10 Important Features of OKR Software

Well, if you have decided to go ahead with an OKR software, you must evaluate the right tool that fits your business requirement. Few important features can help you to achieve the goal of adopting OKR software.

1. User-friendly Interface.

The best interface is the Design that becomes human behaviour. The best Interface is that helps users navigate to the platform without any difficulty. The tools that understand the target audience shall anticipate their behaviour and design likewise.
A simple interface that shows you the current progress and the adoption without having to sweat is the best tool to select.

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2. Insights and dashboards

The vital reason an organization opts to invest in OKR software is to have the data in place to ensure that the right decisions are made on that. Insights help you in analyzing the adoption rate, progress as on date, department-level progress, alignment, and employee engagement. Insights and dashboards ensure that the priorities are in place.

These dashboards empower teams to understand the gap between the execution and calls for action. Should have reports where we can customize the date to our requirement.

3. Employee Engagement

OKRs promote collaboration and ownership and that happens when the employees are engaged. Employee engagement happens when there is multi-directional feedback and communication.
OKR software should enable users to share feedback Multi directionally. The feedback given at the right time plays an important role in increasing productivity.
Also, it is important to look out for recognitions that can be shared through the platform.
Owing to the hybrid workforce the 1:1 meetings and notes must be added as part of the platform.

4. Cascade and alignment