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Top 12 Alternatives, Price & Reviews

Top 12 Alternatives
Table of Contents

Are you searching for the ideal performance management software to align your team’s goals and improve overall performance? Look no further than, a cloud-based solution that utilizes the OKR methodology to help businesses set, track, and achieve their objectives. But while offers a comprehensive range of features, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 12 alternatives, each with its own unique set of features and advantages. In this article, we’ll explore these alternatives in detail, including their pros, cons, key features, pricing, and reviews, so you can make an informed decision and find the right solution for your business needs.

Why Consider Alternatives?

While offers a comprehensive range of tools and functionalities for strategy execution and performance management, it’s essential to consider alternatives to ensure you choose the best fit for your organization. Here are a few reasons to explore other options:

  • Specific Requirements: Every business has unique needs and requirements. By exploring alternatives, you may find a solution that aligns better with your specific industry, team structure, or organizational goals.
  • User Experience: Different software platforms have varying user interfaces and user experiences. Exploring alternatives allows you to find a solution that is intuitive and easy to use for your team members, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity.
  • Pricing: Cost is an important factor in any purchasing decision. By exploring alternative options, you can compare pricing plans and find a solution that offers the best value for your budget.
  • Feature Set: While offers a robust feature set, other alternatives may offer additional functionalities that better suit your organization’s needs. Exploring alternatives helps you identify the most important features of your team’s success.

Let’s dive into the top Profit. co alternatives and explore their key features, pricing, and user reviews.

Top 12 Alternatives



Datalligence is a dynamic project management and productivity platform crafted to enhance task management, collaboration, and goal tracking. Tailored for teams, it establishes a centralized workspace for efficient handling of tasks, projects, and processes within a unified environment. Datalligence’s versatility enables users to organize work seamlessly, fostering effective communication and real-time collaboration. This platform integrates features for goal setting and tracking, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse industries. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Datalligence empowers teams to enhance productivity and achieve project success in a streamlined and collaborative manner.

Key Features of Datalligence

Task and Project Management

Task & Initiative Tracking

  • Create tasks and projects with customizable fields.
  • Set due dates, priorities, and assignees for efficient task tracking.
  • Organize tasks using lists, boards, Kanban , and calendars.

Performance Tracking

Be specific

  • Track individual and team performance within the platform.
  • Monitor key metrics to assess productivity and project success.

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback

  • Facilitate 360-degree feedback processes for team members.
  • Provide a holistic view of individual contributions and areas for improvement.

Goal and OKR Tracking

Datalligence OKR and Goal Setting

  • Set and track organizational goals and key results (OKRs).
  • Visualize progress with goal-tracking features.

Historical Data View for Annual Reviews

  • Utilize the Historical Data View feature to conduct annual reviews and performance assessments.
  • Access and analyze past project data for comprehensive performance evaluations.

Reporting and Analytics

Performance Management Insights

  • Generate reports to analyze project progress.
  • Visualize data with charts and graphs.

Collaboration and Communication

  • Comment on tasks and documents for seamless communication.
  • Real-time collaboration with mentions and notifications.
  • Integration with communication tools like Slack and email.

Document Management

  • Create and store documents within the platform.
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time.


  • Customize spaces, folders, and views to match your workflow.
  • Create custom statuses, tags, and priorities.


  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and tools.
  • API access for custom integrations.

Pros of Datalligence

  • Feature-rich platform with comprehensive project management tools.
  • Flexible and customizable to accommodate various team structures and workflows.
  • Robust integrations with popular third-party applications.
  • Regular updates and improvements based on user feedback.

Cons of Datalligence

  • The abundance of features may require time for users to explore and utilize fully.

Pricing of Datalligence

Datalligence provides flexible pricing options to suit various needs. They offer a free plan for basic use, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. For advanced features, task automation, and enhanced team collaboration, they offer a paid subscription starting at just $4 per user per month.




Wrike is a powerful project management platform that offers a comprehensive range of features to help you streamline your team’s tasks, track progress, and communicate effectively. With Wrike, you can easily assign tasks, collaborate with team members, and analyze project analytics and reports. 

It also provides mobile apps for on-the-go access, making it convenient for remote team members. Wrike’s user-friendly interface and robust reporting capabilities make it a top choice for many businesses. Users praise its analytics and reporting features, which provide valuable insights into project progress and team performance.

Pros of Wrike

  • Comprehensive range of project management tools and features
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive user experience
  • Customization options to cater to specific industries
  • Mobile apps for convenient access

Cons of Wrike

  • Complex for novice users to familiarize themselves with
  • Managing an overview of the platform can be challenging due to the multitude of features

Wrike Pricing

The Basic plan starts from $9.80 per user/month and for more information Contact Wrike sales team.


Keka HR

Keka is a performance management software that excels in attendance management and performance tracking. It provides a range of features to help businesses effectively manage their workforce and improve employee productivity. With Keka, you can easily track attendance, set goals, and conduct performance reviews. 

The software offers transparency in performance-linked incentives and appraisals, which employees appreciate. Keka integrates with popular work tools like SQL, Jira, Hubspot, and Asana, making it easier to align goals and track progress. It is trusted by over 500 leading companies, including Razorpay, Disney, and Postman.

Pros of Keka

  • Effective attendance management and performance tracking features
  • Transparent performance-linked incentives and appraisals
  • Integration with popular work tools for seamless goal alignment
  • Trusted by leading companies in various industries

Cons of Keka

  • Limited language support
  • Challenging for struggling businesses to see an accurate and clear presentation of business growth

Keka Pricing

Keka offers pricing plans based on the number of employees. Contact their sales team for more information.




15Five is a performance management software that helps businesses improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance. It offers features for weekly check-ins, goal setting and tracking, performance reviews, and employee recognition.

 15Five aims to facilitate regular communication and feedback between managers and employees. With 15Five, businesses can enhance team performance and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Pros of 15Five

  • Features for regular check-ins, goal setting, and performance reviews
  • Enhances communication and feedback between managers and employees
  • Improves employee engagement and productivity
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement

Cons of 15Five

  • May lack certain advanced features required by larger organizations
  • Support team response times may be slower

15Five Pricing

15Five pricing plan starts from $10 per user/month and for more information contact their sales team.



GreytHR is a suite of cloud HR solutions designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It offers a range of tools for people management, HR processes, and payroll management. 

The software provides productivity features and aims to simplify HR operations for businesses. Managers and employees can access the Employee Portal, which offers convenient access to HR-related information.

Pros of greytHR

  • Suite of cloud HR solutions for SMEs
  • Productivity tools for people management
  • Simplified HR processes and payroll management
  • Employee Portal for easy access to HR information

Cons of greytHR

  • Limited to small and medium-sized enterprises
  • May not offer advanced features required by larger organizations

GreytHR Pricing

GreytHR pricing starts for 50 Employees which cost about ₹3495/month and more information Contact GreytHR sales team.



Perdoo is a performance management system that helps businesses create high-performing teams. It offers features for aligning company strategy, focusing teams on OKRs and KPIs, and engaging employees. Perdoo aims to empower teams to achieve their highest potential and provides guidance for strategy execution. With Perdoo, businesses can align everyone with company objectives, track progress, and drive better results.

Pros of Perdoo

  • Features for aligning company strategy and focusing teams on OKRs and KPIs
  • Engaging employee experience and performance management
  • Guidance for strategy execution and achieving better outcomes
  • Empowers teams to reach their highest potential

Cons of Perdoo

  • May lack certain advanced features required by larger organizations
  • Limited customization options for specific industry requirements

Perdoo Pricing

Perdoo offers pricing starts from €9 per user/month and for more information contact their Sales team.



PeopleBox is a comprehensive performance management platform designed to empower organizations in optimizing employee performance and development. 

Pros of People Box

  • People Box offers a wide array of tools and features for performance management, including goal setting, feedback, and employee development.
  • Users appreciate People Box’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both employees and managers.
  • People Box provides customization options to tailor the platform to specific industry needs, ensuring flexibility for diverse business environments. 

 Cons of People Box

  • Small businesses with limited budgets might find PeopleBox ‘s pricing relatively higher compared to other alternatives, potentially making it less cost-effective for certain organizations.
  • Despite offering customization options, users may face constraints in tailoring certain features to highly specific or unique organizational requirements.

Pricing of PeopleBox

PeopleBox basic plan starts from $7/month/person and for more information contact the PeopleBox Sales Team.